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A simple standalone mod that adds in the iconic outfit from Postal 2

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Oh boy, what started as me bullshitting and going "Yeah, I'm gonna play New Vegas as Postal Dude, that could be fun!" ended up being so much more. I just had to make this.

Have you ever wanted to play Postal Dude in New Vegas? WHAT DO YOU MEAN PARADISE LOST EXISTS??  Well now you can! The full outfit can be found in the starting room of Doc Mitchell's house on a metal shelf. It has 22 DT, weighs 15 pounds, and uses wasteland clothing to repair. Pretty broken early game item, but I did plan to use the shovel for a while, and it started as a personal mod, so y'know. Currently male only, if I get enough traction with this, I may consider a female variant too.

Use your favorite mod manager or just drop it into your data folder. To later uninstall, either disable through your mod manager or manually delete the contents of meshes/The Dude and textures/The Dude, as well as the Postal Dude Cosplay.esp.

I personally hounded these down to complete my perfect playthrough.

NV Pitbull Dog Companions, admittedly I renamed Blaze in the mod to Champ with FNVEdit for personal use.

Cheap Sunglasses, using Variant B

Postal Dude Player Sound Replacer, deleted some of the audio that was too repetitive or could be easily played by NPCs for myself, but the mod is pretty fun.

This can't be good for me, but I feel great!

Whose hands are these, adds catnip into the game

Pipboy Music Replacer - Postal 2 Map Muzak, does as it says on the tin.

Not necessarily a requirement for this mod, but I do use Yet Another Pipboy Remover. I'm not sure what it looks like WITH a mounted pipboy, but it should be fine in first person (previous remover mod I had showed the arm and it was fine)


- SepticSeptim's Cowboy Duster for the coat and sized it up a little in Nifskope to reduce clipping on top of a vanilla merc grunt outfit.

- DcCharge's FNV HD Texture Pack for the base texture of the coat and outfit.

- BETHESDA + Obsidian for the amazing yeehaw game

- Running With Scissors for the best errands simulator and the inspiration behind this. This game got me through this year

- Clip Studio Paint and Paint.net for the means to be able to make this retexture