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Allows the player to bypass the hacking mini-game by using a Password Bypass, similar to The Outer Worlds. If you don't have any bypasses, you can still do the vanilla mini-game. You still need the required Science levels. Requires xNVSE and JIP LN NVSE

Permissions and credits
- Adds a new item, the Password Bypass, which can be found in the same containers as bobby pins and used to skip the hacking minigame
- The items are consumed on use and are in limited supply, so if you do not have any you can still use the vanilla mini-game
- You still need the required Science skill to hack the terminals, even with the bypass (configurable)
- Hotkey can be changed via the included INI file
- Requires xNVSE and JIP LN NVSE

Jokerine for their Misc Resources and Tutorials, which the model for the Bypass is taken from
TrueVoidwalker for Bypass Minigames, which helped me a lot with the scripting for this
- PuzzledByte for adding controller support