Fallout New Vegas

About this mod

Classic Fallout Armor Overhaul is a mod that brings the Fallout 1, 2, and Tactics armor and damage system to New Vegas via script.

Permissions and credits
Classic Fallout Armor Overhaul
Creator: Willy Dingas

This mod takes the armor system from the classic fallout titles, Fallout 1, 2, and Tactics, and adds that system to New Vegas using a menu mode 4 script that runs once per launch. I created this mod because I really enjoyed NV Classic Rebalance's edits to the game but didn't want to go through FNVEdit every time I install another mod. This was a problem with my previous mod, Willy's Damage Mod, where I spent more time patching the game then playing it. The advantage of scripts is that I can make large changes far faster, making balancing easier and quicker. 

Key Features
The Key features of this mod are compatibility with mods that add new Locations, Weapons, Armor, Creatures, and NPCs. Mods that might have problems with this mod are other overhaul mods. You can say that this mod is Semi-Compatible which is better than no compatibility. The mod takes items from the game by adding them to lists. After the items are added to these lists, they are edited one by one using condition statements. This is all done when starting up the game, and takes 1 or 2 seconds to complete. All settings can be turned off using an INI file included in the mod. Other features of this mod include...

New Damage Resist Types
  • Damage Resistance: DR
  • Laser Resistance: LAS
  • Plasma Resistance: PLM
  • Electrical Resistance: ELE
  • Fire Resistance: FIR

User Control over Hit Points
  • With an option of 3 modes
  • Vanilla: Disables the Hit point adjustments.
  • SetValue: Sets the NPC's and Player's health to a set value by the player.
  • LeveledHealth: Sets the Player's health to a set value and adjusts the NPC's health based on their Base Level Set in the GECK.

Dynamic Weapon Skill Edits
This togglable feature rebalances weapon skill dependencies using value such as Damage and DPS to calculate to required skill to handle the weapon effectively. This feature also works with weapons with multiply projectiles.

User Control over Ingestibles
  • Dynamic Healing Items Balancing
  • No Food Healing
  • Ingestible Weights

Game Settings Adjustments
  • Damage Multipliers and Statistics
  • Barter
  • Carry Weight
  • Endurance
  • Agility

  • Weapon base damage buffs adjustments
  • Automatics + 3
  • Laser + 2 
  • Scatterguns + 12.6
  • Handle Weapon + 14
  • Compatible Limb Damage adjustments
  • Weapon Jam Frequency
  • Fatigue Frequency
  • Plasma Rifles' Fire Rate Buff
  • One round Energy Weapons

Recommended Mods to used with this (check the note at the bottom)

Recommended Mods to test Creature and NPC edits functionality and compatiblity

Alternative Damage Mods

-Most of the Game Settings are based on NV Classic Rebalance by "Surly" and for the DLC version by "Red" on Nexusmods
-The Recipe esp is from the mod NV Classic Rebalance by "Surly" and for the DLC version by "Red" on Nexusmods
-The Script and LeveledList files were created by me
-Bethesda Softworks and Obsidian Entertainment

The Classic Fallout Armor Overhaul Script and LeveledLists esps are Creative Commons
The Classic Fallout Armor Overhaul Recipes.esp can only be uploaded on Nexusmods, this is until I replace it edits.

Program was edited by GECK Extender and FNVEdit

I recommend using NAWEMO with this mod because it helps in fully taking advantage of the mod features. 
Also I added an optional INI that adds the settings from the mod NV Classic Rebalance mod.
If you wan to remove condition and skill penalties for this mod, use lStewieAl's Tweaks and set these values to 1, bNoScaleNpcDamageResistanceByCondition, bNoScaleNpcDamageThresholdByCondition, and bNoWeaponConditionDamagePenalty. IStewieAl's Tweaks are not required by default.