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Adding weapon mods to vanilla weapons where they were clearly ignored due to time constraints & a lack of removable mods in the game.

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Vanilla Weapon Modifications
Fallout : New Vegas offers a lot of unique weapons and the ability to add modifications to them. However, most of the unique weapons cannot take any modifications. This creates a design flaw that many non-unique/generic weapons when fully modified are superior to their unique counterparts
This is an oversight on Obsidian's part. I imagine it is due to a couple of reasons.

Firstly, the player cannot remove weapon mods in the vanilla game. If the player attaches a scope to the unique hunting rifle Paciencia and wants to remove it later, the option to do so isn't available. However, with mods like Weapon Mod Menu OR LStewieAl's Tweaks, we can now do that.
Additionally, Obsidian developed the game in 18 months. I imagine they were quite short on time.

VWM adds weapon modifications to unique weapons where it makes sense to have them. I've added weapon mods to unique weapons ONLY where it is obvious that they were skipped due to the above mentioned issues. I will not be adding three mods to every weapon. I also won't rebalance any stats unless it's absolutely required for better balance. VWM is also fully compatible with most of the popular bugfixes and overhauls.

Please view the images and changelog for the current progress of the mod.

Install with your mod manager of choice - Mod Organizer, Vortex,
If you're installing any of the optional files, install them and place them them AFTER the main file.

Uninstallation (Please Read)
Before uninstalling, please remove all weapon mods from the weapons modified by this mod.
 Skipping this step will cause issues! However, if you have already done it, you will see "Mod 1", "Mod 2" when looking at your weapon in the Pip-Boy.

In this case, do the following - 
1. Install the main file again & place the "Vanilla Weapon Modifications.esp" last in your load order.
2. Load your game.
3. You'll now see the the weapon mods. Remove the weapon mods on all weapons affected by this mod.
4. Save your game again and quit.
5. Uninstall the mod.

Uninstall using your mod manager of choice - Mod OrganizerVortexNMMFOMM.
This mod is 100% safe to install and uninstall mid-game/mid-save and will have no permanent impact on your save game.

Compatibility & Recommended Mods

Fully Compatible and Recommended
Yukichigai Unofficial Patch

Weapon Mod Menu - Use this OR set "bUnequipWeaponMods = 1" in LStewieAl's Tweaks INI file.
LStewieAl's Tweaks - Set "bUnequipWeaponMods = 1" in the INI file OR use Weapon Mod Menu.
Unofficial Patch Plus - Use this OR Unofficial Patch NVSE.
Unofficial Patch NVSE - Use this OR Unofficial Patch Plus.
Weapon Mesh Improvement Mod
GRA Unique Weapons Relocated - Use the Unbalanced version from the files tab.

Any retexture mods are fully compatible as long as they don't touch the meshes or edit the weapon record.

Any mod that edits the vanilla game unique weapon records and/or meshes.

RoyBatterian - For creating WMIM. I've used the meshes and textures from his mod as a base.
User826   - For his awesome Base Game Look-Through Red Dot Sights Modder's Resource