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A simple overhaul of The Sink player home from Old World Blues.

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There's a couple great overhauls for The Sink out there but I found them to either be too busy or lacking things I wanted, so I made this.  I tried to make The Sink feel more personal and cozy while also keeping it simple and functional, and to also add a couple unique features here and there.  This also contains my Chemistry Set Cooldown mod and some YUP fixes for The Sink.

  • Added bathroom with sink, toilet, bathtub and clutter (inspired by OWB - Sink Bathroom by Raverbane).
  • Added barber menu to change hair at bathroom mirror.
  • Moved and added posters and rug in bedroom and moved chests out of the way.
  • Added computer and computer chair to living room desk, along with tower under desk and cleaner desk.
  • Computer has entries that update as you complete Old World Blues quests :)
  • Added shelves and plants in front of living room tv, shelves and posters to walls, rug, chairs, and clutter to living room table.
  • Added table, booths, clutter, posters, carpet, respawning garbage can (for junk), and security camera to entrance room.
  • Added chemistry station and medical clutter to body part room.
  • Added fan, hanging lights and bench to main room.
  • Added flowers, posters, hanging plants, and a fan to the plant room.
  • Moved some of the floor indicators for the Sink machines, and moved Muggy.
  • Updated navmeshes in entrance room and living room, and also room bounds for bedroom/bathroom.
  • Added YUP fixes to vendor respawn (untested) and sink hydration for hardcore mode.
  • Added my Chemistry Set Cooldown scripting to the Chemistry Sets so they respawn every 3 days.
Thanks to raverbane for bathroom idea from OWB - Sink Bathroom
Thanks to Yukichigai for fixes from Yukichigai Unofficial Patch