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Overhauls vanilla Fallout: New Vegas location Victor's Shack to be more useful, atmospheric and overall more interesting

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This is my second mod in a project that seeks to overhaul and improve some of the Fallout: New Vegas vanilla interiors to make them feel more lived in, more functional and aesthetically pleasing. All of these mods will be designed with my own particular style, while trying to remain true to the lore and feel of the vanilla game.

You can check out my other work here: https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/69726 & here: https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/69958 where I created a fully lore-friendly coffee house themed player home and overhauled Brewer's Beer Bootlegging respectively.

In this mod, I aim to overhaul "Victor's Shack" into a fully functional, fully realized location and player home. This mod will convert the vanilla location to be much improved atmospherically, whist giving it added functionality for the courier.

Feel free to suggest any improvements that can be made to this mod, and if you enjoy it please don't forget to leave an endorsement!

Victor's shack is in my opinion a missed opportunity to show an early courier just who or what victor is, what are his intentions? why is he here in Goodsprings? who is he working for? 

Instead the location, is simply - a shack. Blandy, vanilla and boring. It's not all that atmospheric, gives the player no information about the character that inhabits it and Is limited in storage and crafting options. 

It's in perfect location for a first player base for someone who's simply after a lore friendly, atmospheric and simple hideout.

I've always felt some of the locations in the game are underappreciated and lacking unique content, this second mod in a series of overhauls seeks to fix another one of the larger offenders in my opinion.

In the next section, I've posted a video which should showcase the overhaul involved in this mod.

Maybe a video for a mod like this seems a tad overkill, but as of 2020 the world is tending towards fallout anyway and I have lots of spare time. This video will hopefully give you an idea of the intended vision I had for the overhaul of this locations atmosphere and help you decide if you wan't to install it for your next New Vegas play-through.

The next section covers the features in the mod.

  • Overhauls Victor's shack into a highly detailed and practical early game player home
  • Aligns the interior of the house more with Victor's character
  • Added clutter
  • Reworked lighting sources
  • Added lore friendly terminal entries and atmospheric storytelling beats
  • Crafting & Reloading benches added to the interior
  • Campfire added at the rear of the shack
  • Reworked exterior clutter and decoration

The following section covers installation of this mod, it's a fairly simple affair as far as mods go but please read this section carefully and follow all the below instructions.

Before proceeding, check you have satisfied the following requirements: (Mandatory)

  • Fallout: New Vegas up to date
  • Own, have installed and activate all Fallout: New Vegas DLC
  • Your preferred Mod Manager is up to date and ready to go! (if you plan on using one, although - you really should)

In addition to the above requirements, I make the following recommendations - these will ensure the house looks as intended / as in the screenshots: (Optional)

  • HD/4K High Quality Textures of your preference - I use a combination of NMCs Texture Pack & OJO BUENO
  • ENB/Imaginator - Im currently using Mojave Dreams ENB Nevada Skies edition (Ultra Preset)
  • ILO - Interior Lighting Overhaul
  • Overhaul of grass and flora will make the exterior look far more inviting
  • Nevada Skies or Alternative

I highly advocate that you install the above mods as a lot of the aesthetic of this player home was designed around having excellent interior lighting, meshes and textures. To this end, the glowing neon signs, windows and coffee machine were designed around the use of an ENB, for these glowmaps to look correct (like in the images) - you will need to install an ENB preset of some description.

In addition to the above I'm using a few extra texture mods here and there. I've included my mod list / load order in the archives of this mod in-case you are looking to replicate the appearance of these screenshots exactly.
Once you are happy that you at least satisfy the above minimum requirements follow either method 1 or 2:

Method 1) Install with preferred mod manager of choice (Recommended).
Method 2) Drag and drop Data folder into your Fallout: New Vegas directory.

As above, I ask you read this section carefully if you wish to remove this mod. Similarly with installation, it's quite simple.

Again, Follow either method 1 or 2:

Method 1) Uninstall with preferred mod manager (Recommended)
Method 2) Remove/delete LVS.esp from the data folder

I recommend using the first method. If you choose to follow the second method please be careful that you only delete the files listed above. You don't want to go deleting vanilla files or assets from other mods! I have highlighted what you need to delete in bold and underlined the direct folder where this should exist.

I can be contacted / followed at the following - feel free to pass on any feedback or even give me a follow for new mods & content:

  • I can be contacted on NexusMods (I'm Semi-Active in checking messages or comments)
  • Active on Discord @ Lime#0909 on both NexusMods & NexusMods - Mod Author Discord
  • @LiamYules on Twitter & Instagram (Follow me for mod updates!)

If you read this far, thanks! I'd like to take this opportunity to once again ask you to endorse this mod if you enjoyed it and provide any feedback you may have. I'm very proud of my work and any opportunity to make improvements based on community feedback is greatly appreciated.