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Adds a recoil-like mechanic for all NPCs in Fallout: New Vegas, including creatures, robots, etc.

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This mod adds a recoil-like mechanic for all NPCs in the game.

The way it works is by tracking the number of shots made by each NPC, and briefly stopping them from shooting if they exceed a certain number of shots within too short a time (unless those shots actually hit). The goal is to make NPCs use their weapons in logical ways, generally firing aimed shots or short bursts, and only going full auto if the target is right in their face. This mod does NOT reduce the accuracy of individual shots fired by NPCs.

This mod should generally be compatible with everything, including mod-added NPCs, weapons, ammo types, and mods that change the AI. However, mods that make liberal use of the SetExcludedCombatActions command might break it. I'm not aware of any such mods, but if you do find one please report it to me.

Recommended mods:

This mod was designed as a sort-of companion mod to JT's Arsenal - Ammo Use, so it is recommended you use that. If you read that mods description, you can probably guess why. I also recommend using Unfound Loot Famine with that, so that you won't end up swimming in ammunition. An honorable mention also goes to JSUE, the definitive New Vegas rebalance mod.

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  • Me, xax34hah AKA DrarenThiralas, for writing the scripts for this mod.
  • The NVSE/xNVSE teams, particularly JazzIsParis, for making New Vegas modding awesome.
  • Obsidian, for making Fallout: New Vegas.