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Go ragdoll when falling from health-damaging heights. Ragdoll your enemies by falling on them, too!

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Description above basically says what this mod is about. You can also watch this video:

So, yeah, you will ragdoll when falling from health-damaging heights and additionally ragdoll your enemies by falling on them. Stronger and bigger enemies like deathclaws and supermutans require you to wear heavy or power armor to ragdoll them, or you may find yourself in a very, very bad situation.
Wearing power armor also have a big bonus of preventing you from ragdolling.
Important: if you're using Stewie's tweaks setting to reduce/remove fall damage when wearing power armor, read installation part carefully.

Additionally, enemies will suffer health damage that's equal to damage you receive from the fall, plus if you ragdoll them they will roll a dice to receive limb damage that's, again, equal to fall damage. The chance is 50% per each limb, so at the end this has potential to outright kill or badly cripple your opponents.

Friendly actors are ignored to avoid damaging/killing them by accident, though you can optionally enable friendly fire.

One more thing, fall damage/height gamesettings are changed to trigger ragdolls more often and overall to make falling more realistic.
Health damage height was too high in vanilla and damage scaling was too steep, so most of the time you either wasn't taking any damage at all or, opposite of it, damage was too high - with very little in-between.
Now you'll start taking health damage at lesser height, however it will not ramp up as quickly as in vanilla, there's now a bigger window when you can survive the fall, however falls from really big heights are about as lethal as before.
You can disable these tweaks in mod's ini if you don't like them (see below).

As far as installation and compatibility go, everything is pretty basic.
Requires NVSE and JIP LN NVSE plugin make sure to use latest versions.
Copy .esp file into game's Data folder/install with a mod manager, and then activate it. Do it backwards to uninstall.
The mod is lightweight and purely event based so it should be safe to install/uninstall midgame and compatible with anything except mods that do the similar thing.
If you're using Stewie's tweaks with custom PA fall damage setting or want to change other settings, you need to edit this mod's ini, here's how to do it:
The mod stores its settings in an external ini file which doesn't come with the mod files but instead is created automatically once you run the game with it enabled.

The file name/location is ...path to game folder\Data\Config\h-z's stuff.ini. Settings from my other mods are also may be stored in this file.

If you're using mod manager this file can be located somewhere else, you may check "Overwrite" folder or something along the lines (I don't have much experience with mod managers, sorry).

Once you've located the file, open it with a text editor of your choice, standard Windows Notepad will do but something that can highlight ini syntax (Notepad++) will make editing it easier.

Search for a [hzHelplessLanding] section. Underneath there will be 3 subsettings as follows:

bTweakedFallSettings = 1 - set it to 0 if you prefer to use vanilla/your own fall height/damage settings.

bFriendlyFire = 0 - set it to 1 to knock down/damage friendly actors too. Be careful not to kill/aggro important actors, there's no safety net!

fPowerArmorDmgMult = 1 - this is a mult for fall damage transferred to your enemies if wearing power armor. If you using fall damage reduction from Stewie's tweaks, you'll need to up this.

Note that you SHOULD take at lest some miniscule amount of damage, otherwise the mod will simply not work when you're in power armor.
You should aim for the final digit to be 1, so enemies will take damage that you supposedly should've taken w/o power armor.

So, let's take a few examples:

Let's say you use fFallDamageMult = 0.010000 in nvse_stewie_tweaks.ini, so you take only 1% of fall damage. Then you should set fPowerArmorDmgMult to 100 (0.01 * 100 = 1)
Let's say you use fFallDamageMult = 0.500000 in nvse_stewie_tweaks.ini, so you take only 50% of fall damage. Then you should set fPowerArmorDmgMult to 2 (0.5 * 2 = 1)
Let's say you use fFallDamageMult = 0.300000 in nvse_stewie_tweaks.ini, so you take only 30% of fall damage. Then you should set fPowerArmorDmgMult to 3.34 (0.3 * 3.34 = ~1)

I hope you've got the idea, if not feel free to ask in comments.

As you can tell by the name, this mod is inspired by Helpless Falling, however it was written from a scratch and the code bears no resemblance.

aitch-zed (former HeroinZero)

You can use this mod or parts of it for whatever you want as long as you're not selling it and as long as you credit me in a readme.