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Lose control when you fall a large distance.

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V2.5 is out! This release requires NVSE. I fixed the bug where you could collapse on cell change.

Helpless Falling:
In vanilla New Vegas, you can fall thirty feet and land on your feet without a problem. I was never fond of that.

Helpless Falling makes it so you are knocked down when falling large distances, making it much harder to hop down cliffs (as you'll just fall over and tumble down the cliff) or jump off buildings into firefights (you'll fall over and be filled with bullets as you're trying to get up). It adds a touch of realism and works well paired with the Enhanced Camera mod.

Download and enjoy!

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Misalen and WrecklessAbandon have done video reviews of the mod! Check them out.

This mod should be compatible with anything. It uses a quest script to measure the player's speed on the Z axis every half second and ragdolls the player if that speed exceeds a certain value.

  • Requires NVSE.
  • Fixed a bug where you could collapse on cell change.

  • Greatly improved ragdolling behavior.

  • Initial Release