Fallout New Vegas
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Automatically turns crosshair ON/OFF depends on player's action.

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Automatically turns crosshair ON/OFF depends on player's action.
Lets you turn crosshair ON/OFF manually with a hotkey.
Supports The Mod Configuration Menu for a user-friendly configuration.

Auto Mode
In Auto-Mode, crosshair will basically be turned off. Crosshair will be automatically turned on only when player is looking at an interactive object. When player is holstering a weapon, only the objects that are within activation range will trigger the auto-switch. Not limited to objects within activation range when player is drawing a weapon.
Pressing the hotkey will flip the crosshair ON/OFF temporary. Pressing the hotkey again or holster/draw a weapon reset the temporary switch.

Manual Mode
If you don't like how this mod's Auto-Mode behaves and decided to go manual mode, you'd probably better ditch this mod and try the crosshair features lStewieAl's Tweaks and Engine Fixes offers.
Anyway, in manual mode, the hotkey works as a simple ON/OFF toggle switch for crosshair.

Configuring this mod
There is a configuration file called "Toggleable Crosshair.ini" in data\config directory. You can edit it with your favorite text editor, or optionally, with MCM. I recommend using MCM since it allows you to tweak the settings on the fly.

If you are using lStewieAl's Tweaks and Engine Fixes, make sure Tweaks' these two settings are set to 0.
bHideCrosshairInFirstPerson = 0
bHideCrosshairInThirdPerson = 0