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Adds a lore-friendly way to convert the K9000 Cyberdog Gun into an energy weapon, the K9X300 Cyberdog Blaster, and back again if desired. Its weapon mods can also be converted for use on the new weapon, and the new weapon can be upgraded to the red variant.

Permissions and credits
This mod adds a note in the Big MT that enables the player to convert the K9000 Cyberdog Gun to an energy weapon, the K9X300 Cyberdog Blaster (requires 50 skill in Energy Weapons, 1 Scrap Electronics, and 1 Conductor). With 65 skill in Energy Weapons, both K9000 weapon mods can be converted for use with the new weapon (this method made the most sense to me). Finding the K9000 FIDO upgrade schematics will also enable the player to convert the K9X300 Cyberdog Blaster into SPOT, which requires 80 skill in Energy Weapons and 1 Fission Battery. Like in the base game, this conversion is permanent. However, the K9X300 Cyberdog Blaster can be converted back into the K9000 Cyberdog Gun with 50 skill in Guns and a Weapon Repair Kit; this will refund the 1 Scrap Electronics and 1 Conductor.

The weapons are balanced with similar DPS numbers to their conventional counterparts, though with higher fire rates, higher critical chances, lower base damages, lower item HPs, and lower spreads. The K9X300 Cyberdog Blaster uses microfusion cell ammunition, while SPOT uses electron charge packs.

Both the K9X300 Cyberdog Gun and SPOT have a unique muzzle flash, projectile, and impact dataset, as well as properly colored critical disintegration effects and slightly modified textures. The clipboard with the K9X300 conversion notes on it also has a new texture. Because there was no satisfactory backpack type to use in place of the giant ammo box for both weapons, I removed the backpacks completely (note that the base game heavy energy weapon that uses MFCs, the Plasma Caster, has no backpack). Instead, I modified the textures of the ammo box/magazine that rests inside the weapons to explain this away.

Having machine guns in .357 Magnum and .44 Magnum is upsetting, but unfortunately due to dialogue within the game (it happens if you pass the speech check with the Think Tank and Borous talks specifically about what type of ammunition he's giving you) it is not possible to simply rechamber the weapons in a satisfactory way. Thus, I created the ability to convert the K9000 Cyberdog Gun to energy weapon form. Bonus points if you get the very obscure reference of going from 9000 to X300.


K9X300 Cyberdog Blaster: XX000DF9

K9X300 Mod - Mentat Chow: XX0013FB
K9X300 Mod - Resla Roil: XX0013FC

K9X300 Cyberdog Blaster Design Notes: XX0013FA (object), XX0013F8 (note)

Dead Money and Old World Blues are required.

None. Please report anything you find in the comments.

This mod does not directly alter any weapons, textures, leveled lists, or form lists. However, the weapons do depend on a few textures from Old World Blues. I did alter one item inside one cell in order to swap it with an item from my mod (see Locations above).

The "Heavy" version is intended for those who are using Whack the Backpack by cx405 or a mod like it. Because I have eliminated the backpacks from the K9X300 Cyberdog Blaster and SPOT for logic/consistency reasons, its high weight will not make sense if most of the weapons in your game still have their backpacks. The "Light" version makes the new weapons several pounds lighter to account for the backpack removal.

Only download ONE of the two files, depending on your preference. Put the contents of the mod folder (the folder with the .esp inside of it) into your Data folder, or use a mod manager. To uninstall, delete the mod's files (.esp, meshes, and textures) or uninstall using a mod manager.