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Fixes visual bugs with ENB AO and hair

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With ENB's Ambient Occlusion enabled areas of hair which should be transparent end up shaded black. This changes 8 hair meshes and 12 beards. Each mesh was reevaluated and edited on an individual basis. I have tried to only change those which were visually distracting and not push them too far the other way.

Ever since this issue cropped up, people have recommended changing the hair meshes to function the same as tree leaves, where there is a hard transparent cutoff, preventing the issue. The problem is this ends up cutting into the hair, and removing the glossiness, which can create some looks that imo, are worse than the original glitches. I have gone through and picked out the worst offenders, and adjusted them individually to the best possible cutoff, leaving those which looked worse with the change alone. 
FiftyTifty's ENB AO Hair Transparency Fix or that from the Midhrastic ENB are more extreme versions, changing all hair/beard meshes universally to a high value. This does knock out the visual bugs, though to my eye, is not worth the tradeoff. You might try installing both, loading mine last, to take advantage of the more subtle blending here, while removing all problems.

This is part of my quest to update the vanilla experience to 2020, the ENB used for screenshots is my Minimal ENB

If you think I've missed a mesh, I did look through far more than I've included here and decided that they weren't worth it, but I'm sure I haven't covered everything so feel free to let me know.