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Different dry fire (empty magazine) sounds depending on a weapon type and some other improvements.

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Version 2.0 brings additional features, such as fake dry firing animations and realistic mode (all customizable through MCM).

This mod is rather small and simple, it makes dry firing sounds to be different, depending on a weapon type.
This is gonna be most noticeable for people who use manual reloading tweaks.
Instead of the same sound for every weapon in vanilla (and some weapons having no dry firing sound at all due to some animation bug) now there is 6 different sounds, as follows:

1. Generic click - most ballistic weapons.
2. "Meaty" click - revolvers, LARs, shotguns, light grenade launchers.
3. Button press - heavy weapons, launchers, generic energy weapons.
4. Button press+low energy sound - laser energy weapons.
5. Button press+buzzing - plasma energy weapons.
6. Gas hissing - flamers and incinerators.

Here's a short video demonstration:

NVSE and JIP LN NVSE plugin are required, make sure to use latest versions.

All changes are made dynamically by a script so it should be pretty compatible with anything, should also work with mod-added weapons if they use correct perk form lists/ammo types.

Credits: sounds by fastson, PhreaKsAccount, jameswrowles, flood-mix and adgawrhbshbffsfgvsrf.
Mod image vault boy art by The 3rd Type from T3T Icon Resource.

You can use this mod or parts of it for whatever you want as long as you're not selling it and as long as you credit me and all other authors in a readme.