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This mod adds a player home in the form of a transportable boat. Also adds several custom weapons. Requires Dead Money and Honest Hearts.

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Requires Dead Money and Honest Hearts. Fully Navmeshed.

HMS Thunderchild

This player home consists of a fully functional player home. This means that the boat is able to transport itself to a dozen locations. These locations include vanilla locations on the colorado river and Lake Mead, but also new locations added by the mod for an unmarked quest to obtain a suit of power armor. The ship's utility facilities include two foldable sleeping cots, a storage system, a medical station, a functioning mirror, a workbench, a reloading bench and a automatic repair tool. There are two pairs of cots, with the upper cot functioning as an activator to lower or raise the lower cot. The storage system consists of multiple containers each with unique names for convience. The medical station is comparable to the medical station from Fallout 3, one can refill their health, heal limbs, etc. The functioning mirror allows you to change your hairstyle like any other ingame barber. With the automatic repair tool one can repair their gear without spending money, repairquality dependent of the player's repair skill.

To obtain the boat, one has to finish a dungeon first. The start of the dungeon is east of Devil's Throat. The dungeon itself is one of those dungeons where you get knocked out and wake up in a different place, so for this part companions are not recommended. This is only for the dungeon. Once the player has obtained the ship, followers shouldn't be a problem inside the ship. The dungeon can be pretty hard for lower level players, so make sure you have decent skills and effective gear.

This mod was made entirely by Remco Verbeek, 2020.