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Bugfixes/error correction for th3overseer's quest mods. Prioritizes older releases with longstanding issues.

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th3overseer's mods have been a fantastic addition to a game that came out a decade ago. Given the massive amount of work that goes into these things, it is understandable that some bugs would get through the cracks. For those that don't get addressed by the creator himself, this page will host per mod bugfix files. Keep in mind that my knowledge of the GECK and FNVEdit is much lower than that of the original author, so this will be more for perks not working, typos, missing sound effects on weapons, etc. 

Current Available Fixes/Changes

The Initiation

- Corrected factions of Legion enemies in Ford Cavern to prevent preemptively failing Render Unto Caesar. They were formerly included in the Fort faction and had scripts that represented that, causing the entire Legion side of game to be failed without any chance at a reputation reset. Additionally, things should be arranged so that the Legionaries in the cave attack on sight, leading to a smaller reputation loss that had the player initiated combat. This means that it's actually possible to finish the Initiation without permanently aggroing the Legion. This aligns with the vanilla game design, where there was no way to lock yourself out of a faction before getting the reputation reset on the Strip.

The North Road Remastered

- Alters Todd's "Nailboard Diplomacy" Perk to properly add/remove Charisma depending on hire status. As is, the perk broken for characters with the Charisma Implant from the New Vegas Medical Clinic due to sharing an actor ability in the GECK. Not only does the Charisma fail to add, but you'll actually lose the point gain from the implant if your fire Todd without this fix. Corrected by creating a custom effect in the GECK to be compatible with any other mod/perk that adds Charisma.
- Corrects factions of Legion enemies at Slaver Camp and Holding Cells to avoid improperly failing Render Unto Caesar. This is necessary if you're planning to make use of the Legion reputation reset. In the original release of the North Roads, it was possible to interact with Legion NPCs peacefully so long as you hadn't completed The Initiation and triggered Beware the Wrath of Caesar. With these bugfixes, the same can be accomplished even with that mod completed so long as you aren't shoot on sight with the Legion for another reason.


- Fixes the factions of Legion NPCs at Riverside Bunker and Sellows' Safehouse with similar results to above examples. Consequences for killing them is aligned with base game.

How to Use

Just download the desired ESP files with your mod manager of choice (I recommend MO2) and make sure to load them after the mod you're editing.
- th3overseer, for blessing us with great quest content for New Vegas.
- Ulysses, for existing to be mocked.
- Viewers like you.