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Smoke cigarettes with style !

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REQUIRES :__________________________________________________________________

Version 2.0 : see the small changelog. Use a CLEAN SAVE if you're updating the mod.

Description :
There are already enough cigarette mods for New Vegas. But I never found the one that suited me perfectly. So I created it. Highly customizable, it is simple and allows the player to smoke cigarettes. That's all. No cigar or whatever. Just cigarettes.
Everything is done with a lighter, which is given to you when the mod is loaded.

Activate the lighter allows you :
  • To finish your cigarette if you are smoking.
  • To light a new cigarette. If you do not have a loose cigarette, a pack of cigarettes will be turned into cigarettes and one of which will be lit. If you do not have a cigarette or a pack, a carton of cigarettes will be turned into packs, one of which will be turned into cigarettes, one of which will be lit. That's all !
Warning: the lighter is not a "quest item" because I want it to be assigned to a shortcut key. So you can drop it, sell it etc. Every time the game restarts, a lighter will be added to your inventory if you do not have one. You can not have more than one lighter at a time, any excess will be removed and delete from your inventory.

Play Manual Animations while smoking (in 1.1 version and above) :
  • A good breath : hold down the activation key (or "A" on a Gamepad) to play a short animation. Give you a "steady" bonus for some seconds. Already here in previous versions as a hidden feature ;).
  • Cool smoker : hold down the grab key (or Right Stick on a Gamepad) to manually launch the Auto-Smoking animation. You can now disable this feature in the MCM and still enjoy it whenever you want.



Not 100% valid for version 2.0. Too lazy atm to change the mod's description.

Skip Intro/Outro Animations : 
Set this to [ON] if you don't want the starting and ending animations.

Auto-Smoking Animation :
Enable or Disable an automatic smoking animation after a certain delay while you have a cig in your mouth. You must have your weapon holstered.

Auto-Smoking Animation Delay :
Set the time between two automatic animations.

Force 3rd Person
Switch to 3rd POV when animation playing (Highly recommended).

Packs and cigs quantity
Define how many cigarettes can be found in a pack and how many pack can be found in a carton.

Addiction :
If smoking has same effect that Coyote Tobacco Chew.

Bonus Effect : 
Enable or Disable a bonus effect when smoking : +7 AP, +1 CHR, +7% Critical Chance and restoring Sleep Deprivation a little more. Downside : you'll also have bad breath for a little while. Bubble-gum is your friend...

Recipes :
Enable or Disable recipes to transform Coyote Tobacco Chew to cigarettes and cigarettes to Coyote Tobacco Chew.

Use New Icons :
Change icons of loose cig, pack and carton. Credits to EdisLeado.

Note :
A cigarette lasts 2 minutes. That's about an hour into the game, and that's what seems to me the most lore-friendly. At the moment, this time can not be changed.

Credits : 
bluebellfairy for some animations
neumen, GodofAlcohol, and leon0078 for cigarette models and textures.
EdisLeado for icon textures and sounds.