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This mod makes cigarettes usable for the player but also (and optionally) for NPCs. The mod offers some modest animations, just for style, but also many settings to adjust things to your tastes, such as beneficial effects or not for tobacco or the link with addiction to chewing tobacco.

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Use Animated Cigarettes Lite instead.

This mod makes cigarettes usable for the player but also (and optionally) for NPCs. The mod offers some modest animations, just for style, but also many settings to adjust things to your tastes, such as beneficial effects or not for tobacco or the link with addiction to chewing tobacco.

# Basic use #

When the game starts, a lighter will be added to your inventory. Activating it will allow you to light or extinguish a cigarette. You obviously need to own at least one cigarette, one pack of cigarettes, or one carton of cigarettes to be able to smoke. If you own a cigarette, it will be removed from your inventory (consumed). If you own a pack, it will be opened and converted into a number of cigarettes, and one of them will be removed from inventory. If you have a carton, it will be converted into a number of packs, one of these packs will be converted into a number of cigarettes, and one will be removed from inventory (consumed).
Smoking can have beneficial, harmful, or no effects, depending on your settings. To access these, you must use the Mod Configuration Menu (MCM).

# Mod details #

  • Animation of start and end of cigarette
You can activate, deactivate and manage the animations when your character lights and extinguishes a cigarette.

  • Automatic animation and manual animation
The mod offers automatic animations that start after a certain delay. You will therefore be able to see your character playing the "smoking" animations of the base game. Manual animation can be activated by long pressing the ACTIVATE (long animation) or ENTER (short animation) key. Triggering these animations allows you to obtain certain effects. The short animation, for example, will reduce the dispersion of the weapon for a few seconds. Very useful just before a tense rifle shot.

  • Easy use of the lighter
The lighter can be associated with a shortcut like any other object. This is the reason why it is not defined as a quest item (these cannot be associated with a shortcut). Therefore, you can also sell it, place it wherever you want, throw it in the wild ... The mod will provide you with a new lighter when you start your game or when you touch the MCM settings. You will never run out of lighter. Be aware, however, that if several copies of the lighter are in your inventory, they will all be removed to leave you only one.
The mod also allows you to associate a keyboard key with the use of the lighter, if you prefer not to use a classic shortcut but still want easy access to the lighter. However, this functionality is not available for your gamepad, only for your keyboard.

  • Duration of a cigarette and smoking cessation behavior
The duration of a cigarette can be modified and you can choose how the mod behaves when a cigarette comes to an end: keep it extinguished in the mouth for a while or get rid of it immediately.

  • 1st / 3rd POV management
The animations offered are almost all designed for the 3rd person view. You can force the automatic switch to third person view or not, in which case, in 1st person view, you will have no animation but only sounds (sound of a cigarette lighting up .. .) and messages telling you in particular the end of a cigarette.
Note, however, the presence of an option allowing you to activate a cigarette lighting animation in first person view. It's rather experimental but I invite you to test.

  • Min / max number of packs in a cartridge and cigarettes in a pack
You can set the minimum and maximum number of packs you will get from a carton and cigarettes you will get from a pack. To avoid ending up with way too many cigarettes easily, I recommend that you don't exceed 3 or 4 in maximum value for each item.

  • Recipes and rolled cigarettes
You have the choice to activate or not the recipes of campfire allowing to make cigarettes with wild chewing tobacco and vice versa. Depending on your skills, you will need more or less tobacco to make a homemade cigarette. The “Rolled” option activates the possibility of converting tobacco directly into a cigarette (when you no longer have any), when using the lighter, without going through the campfire. Simulate the fact of being able to quickly roll a little cigarette on the road between New Vegas and Goodsprings.

  • Addiction and effects on the player
The mod gives you the option to link cigarette smoking with addiction caused by vanilla tobacco. It will therefore be possible for you to become addicted to your cigarettes. Regarding the effects that you can activate or not, you will find a bonus to Charisma and a slight increase in the probability of critical hits when you smoke (but beware, this tends to dehydrate you too) as well as an active "Bad breath" effect at the end of a cigarette, decreasing your Speech skill for a while. Don't forget your bubblegum.

  • New icons and visual effects
The mod allows you to change the generic icons of cigarettes, packets and cartridges into something prettier. The visual effects of the mod are not very original: cigarette visible in the mouth, with smoke (of which you can adjust the type) and a small light that illuminates your face when using the lighter. Nothing crazy. I forgot: NPCs playing the base game's cigarette animations will emit little smoke rings too.

  • Smoking NPCs
Still very recent, this function makes it possible to give "smokable" cigarettes to NPCs. The mod therefore comes with a small INI file that you will have to edit according to your convenience. These settings cannot be made through the MCM. You will be able to choose which groups of people will have a chance to contain smokers. Among these groups there are certain factions, certain specific NPCs as well as NPCs who have packs or cartons in their inventory. Among other things. The mod goes beyond just giving cigarettes to an NPC - you'll see them turn them on and off from time to time. Everything is explained directly in the INI file, I will not dwell more on these features. This part is new and complex compared to other cigarette mods and I'm really happy with it. Mojave gains in "life". I hope that will pleases you too.

neumen, GodofAlcohol, and leon0078 for cigarette models and textures.
| The 3rd Type & DekoMan91 for icon textures.

Apart from the items in the CREDITS section above, you can do whatever you want with the mod, except for pure commercial use, as long as you credit zebumper and SongJiang.

«Les gens, c'est déjà beau qu'ils t'écoutent de nos jours ; si en plus t'exigeais qu'ils te comprennent, la vie se mettrait à patiner.»

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