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Adds replacer models for the .45 auto pistol and submachine gun to match perfectly their real-world counter-parts (Thompson M1A1, Colt 1911 Government Model).

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Adds replacer models for the ,45 auto pistol and submachine gun to match their real-world counter-parts:
Thompson M1A1 and Colt 1911 Government Model. 
Custom 1k and 4k Textures.

Requires Honest Hearts DLC. I've also added an optional file as non-replacers but still uses Honest Hearts.

-You'll find the M1A1 in a truck by lake Mead at CallVille Bay. *Replacer version is .45 Auto Submachine Gun replacement*

-Black lotus can be found at Blue Paradise Vacation Rentals next to the star bottle cap (if you know where it is). Which one? guess. *Replacer version is at Jacobs-town in one of the bungalows*

-Witching Hour can be found near a grave at GS cemetery. *Replacer version is A light in Shining Darkness replacement*

-1911 will be by the sarsaparilla bottles at goodsprings. *Replacer version is .45 auto replacement*

-Mostly Vanilla for replacer set with slight damage increase and A light in shining darkness has upped fire speed
-Black Lotus has +15 damage, higher ROF, and 20,000 value
-Witching Hour has  ridiculous ROF and no spread (standalone only)

-The replacer versions can't be seen when dropped (shows vanilla) I've tried changing the world models and such but can't seem to get it working (let me know if you have a fix)
-Non-DLC is possible but haven't tried. (there's no 45 auto so...)

1. Initial Release
2. Re-did a ton on the Thompson including mesh and texture fixes, also added better drum mag model and attachments to the standalone versions of the thompson which now use the .45 auto SMG Mods.

Leave a post of you're feeling up to it and Check out my other mods!

filthycent - M1A1 Model
Danya - Drum Mag

Isildur - 1911 Model
8sianDude - supressor with textures