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I love to mod FNV.


I like modeling but I mostly like to texture stuff, I enjoy that much more than modeling.


I do read requests for mods but I'll only execute it if it interests me. If it's something that's saturated in the Nexus then I probably won't do it. I want to make mods that haven't been done yet or haven't been done in a long time because I want to do it my way.


I do this as a pass-time, I have no intention to be a 3D artist... yet.


If you're here to check out my other mods -> Thank you!



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Currently taking a break while I rake in the capital to upgrade my PC system. Although it’s an unknown ETA as of right now, as soon as I get it built I will be working on/releasing more weapons along with other goodies. I’m still active and will read/reply to any PMs.


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