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Type II Error - WJS97 - And Others

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Complete model and texture replacement for Super Sledge & Super Sledge Unique (Oh, Baby!). With animated blade, check it out!
There is also 7 more variants as well as a throwing Mjolnir Hammer.

Permissions and credits
Ported this mod by WJS97 for use in new vegas.  Check out Sebastjin's F03 Port here!

Visit their art-station for good-looking closeups. 

These are meant to be simple replacers and addons, so conflicts should be low.
Upped the damage for each by 20, other than that - stats match vanilla Super Sledge Unique Oh, Baby!.

1: Initial Release
1.1: Color/contrast and normal change
2: Added all of WJS97's variants as standalone Super Sledge Uniques being sold now at the gun runners vendatron.
    Also did a bunch of diffuse and normal map editing, hopefully they're okay now.
    Added a throwing hammer (Mjolnir) see pics. It needs tweaking which I don't have the patience for right now but it works for      now. 

The Unique Bladed variant comes with an animated blade that runs forever, even unquipped, but imo it looks much cooler than static. (think ripper animation, thanks to AmaccurzerO and Pixelhate for their tutorials for this kinda of stuff)

Example of aforementioned blade: https://imgur.com/hfE5UZX

-extract contents to data file in FNV dir (Meshes, textures, Esp)
-Open launcher and go to files button, click the esp on
Or use a mod manager (MO2 recommended)

Version 2 had a ton of repetition so please make a post if I missed something/did something dumb. por favor!  :D

*Note: Pictures show the regular Super Sledge flipped but I've since flipped it 180 degrees in the nif.

Please endorse if you like it and Check out my other mods as well as WJS97's Original if you play FO4 Or  Sebastjin's if you play F03!