Fallout New Vegas
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MCM modded weapon retrieval tool

Permissions and credits
GAW?  -  Get All Modded Weapons - MCM

Requires NVSE
Requires JIP LN

Ever add a bunch of modded weapons and forget about some? This mod adds a button in MCM menu that will detect all non-vanilla weapons and place them in a safe in Doc Mitchell's home. Included is a weight buff item (+5000kg) and ammo for each weapon spawned. Be careful, the button clears the safe and then adds the weapons in with their attechments.

This is intended mostly for testing and troubleshooting weapon mods. I developed it for troubleshooting various weapon animations.

It is not heavily tested. I can fix it quickly if you are interested and point it out.

Version 2: Added spawning the weapon attachments along with the weapons
WIP: v3 - Dont spawn weapsons that are not dropable?

Thanks to:
Geck Extender
RoyBatterian  - Very helpful for seeing script compilation errors
Unlocked MCM - DoctaSax - Gave me confidence that mcm was running efficiently
Gear ListsMildlyFootwear - I referenced this and realized that the GetLoadedTypeArray function existed. I used no code from it