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MCM lists containing all playable weapons and armors, even those from other mods. Show information like FormIDs, calculated DPS, and all supported ammo.

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Please Read:

I am no longer actively modding Fallout: New Vegas and have received reports of formerly functioning parts of my mods no longer working as they originally did. As a result, I would recommend using them at your own discretion.
Due to the structure of the mods in question there should not be long term repercussions on your saves should you encounter issues and need to uninstall them.


The Mod Configuration Menu


DarnUI TTW or Vanilla UI Plus - for a cleaner MCM.
JohnnyGuitar NVSE - improves efficiency and reliability of anything related to apparel stats (excluding DT/DR).


Adds a "Mod Configuration" menu with functions to load every weapon or armor currently loaded by the game and show advanced information about them.
For weapons, you can show all ammo used by a weapon (and their effects), its DPS, sort the list by their fully-modded DPS, and more.  
For apparel, you can show Damage Threshold, Damage Resistance, whether or not it's a disguise (and what faction it is for). You can sort them all by their damage threshold, damage resistance, or any skill buff/penalty from Sneak to Critical Chance.
If cheat mode is enabled, a button will appear allowing you to add any apparel or weapon into your inventory. If it is a weapon, you will also receive every available mod for it and 10 clips worth of every ammo it uses.


Install the listed requirements and use the mod manager of your choice or extract manually.


I have a fair deal of varied mods for Fallout: New Vegas uploaded to the Nexus, ranging from a mod that will dynamically assign essential status to companions (even mod added ones) on hardcore mode to something as simple as showing what plugins are missing, if any, when loading a save. If you are interested, you can see my profile for more.


JazzIsParis for his substantial "toolkit"/JIP LN NVSE.
RoyBatty/JazzIsParis for making me aware of how critical multipliers and automatic weapons interact.
JohnnyGuitar NVSE contributors for adding additional Base Effect functions.
This GECKWiki Page.