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Three more grenade types are added into New Vegas (Impact, Gas, and Stun) including some custom explosions and a new sound effect. Several existing grenade types are also made more useful, including Long Fuse Dynamite, Flash Bangs, and Pulse Grenades (now renamed to Tesla Grenades). MFC Grenades and MFC Clusters also have a new custom explosion.

Permissions and credits
This mod makes a variety of changes to the balance of grenades in New Vegas, adding three new types of grenade, new explosions, and new crafting recipes.

Base Game

  • IMPACT GRENADES have been added. They can be purchased at vendors that sell grenades and are added to all loot leveled lists that frag grenades are present in. Some enemies that use frag grenades may also possess impact grenades.
  • GAS GRENADES have been added. Only the cruelest factions (namely, the Legion and the Omertas) use these grenades, and even then they won't be found often. However, they can be crafted by the player with Poison Gas and a Canister (see below). These grenades will not affect robots. They have a new explosion (see images).
  • STUN GRENADES have been added. They should occasionally be used by NCR troops, but not too commonly. They are also available to loot and at vendors. Instead of doing fatigue damage, stun grenades cause the paralysis effect (like Paralyzing Palm), but only for ten seconds in order to maintain balance (fatigue knockouts last 30 seconds, but the player may stun many enemies at once with the Stun Grenade, so the duration is less); they also will not affect robots. They also disorient the players' vision, as can be seen in the images section.They have a new custom sound effect and a new explosion.
  • Fire Powder may be occasionally found in loot or purchased at vendors that sell misc items. It has its own unique texture, but not a unique model.
  • Canisters can be purchased at vendors that sell reloading supplies. It has its own unique texture, but not a unique model.
  • Poison Gas can only be crafted.
  • Poison Gas can be crafted with 1 Abraxo Cleaner and 1 Box of Detergent (this recipe yields 2 Poison Gas).
  • Gas Grenades can be crafted with 1 Poison Gas and 1 Canister.
  • Incendiary Grenades can be crafted with 2 Fire Powder and 1 Canister, and can be broken down to yield the same items.
  • Long Fuse Dynamite has been replaced with MILITARY DYNAMITE. It has a new texture as well as increased damage over regular dynamite, but retains its relative rarity. It should occasionally be found on NCR troopers. Military dynamite was supposed to be handled only by NCR personnel and only when it was necessary, but when the Powder Gangers took over the prison, they got their hands on some of it in addition to the normal dynamite they had been using. Also, yes, the yellow texture is based upon real "military dynamite."
  • Pulse Grenades and Pulse Mines have been renamed to TESLA GRENADES and TESLA MINES, respectively. Their explosion damage has been increased from 10 to 25, and they now give a three second health-draining "Electrocution" effect to all non-robot enemies, making them useful against all enemies and not just robots, though they should still be balanced. Electricity resistance is applied to this effect.

With DLCs
  • Dirty Rags may be found in a wide variety of clutter/junk loot leveled lists as well as at vendors that sell misc items.
  • Fire Bombs may be crafted with 1 Dirty Rag, 1 Vodka, 2 Empty Sunset Sarsaparilla Bottles, and 2 Fire Powders (this recipe yields 2 Fire Bombs).
  • Fire Bombs now do 75 damage upon hitting an enemy and do more burn damage after the hit, although they retain their small explosion radius. They now explode upon impact and have been added to a couple of leveled lists such that they should appear on raiders and wastelanders. For balance purposes, they still aren't as good as incendiary grenades. Also, for users who don't use YUP, they now turn targets into ash instead of goo and use Fire Resistance rather than Energy Resistance.
  • MFC Grenades and MFC Clusters have a new custom explosion, and they also leave behind radiation after the explosion. It didn't seem right to me that "microfusion cells" exploding looked exactly like plasma grenades, so I gave them an explosion that looks more nuclear/glowing, but at a fitting size (i.e. not a massive explosion like the Nuka-Grenade or Fat Mine) (see images). MFC Grenades no longer give a green halo when they bounce on the ground.
  • Flash Bangs now do 150 to 300 fatigue damage (the number is determined at random). They also now have a greater chance to frenzy Tunnelers, and should appear rarely on NCR troopers (but only for users with YUP). Flash Bangs could only do a maximum of 100 fatigue damage in the same game where you can load a Riot Shotgun with bean bag rounds that do 250 fatigue damage per shot. That didn't seem right to me at all. It only takes one or two Flash Bangs now to drop a typical NCR trooper to the ground, though tougher enemies require more fatigue damage, as usual.

Stun Grenade: 0014DDDF
Impact Grenade: XX000DBD
Gas Grenade: XX00137C

Canister: XX001389
Fire Powder: XX00138A
Dirty Rag: XX0017AC
Poison Gas: XX00138E

Versions are available either for use with the base game, or with all DLCs.

DO NOT REVERSE PICKPOCKET THE IMPACT GRENADE OR FIRE BOMB ONTO AN ENEMY. Grenades that explode on impact do not work with the "exploding pants" feature. It won't crash your game or anything, but the enemy won't explode. Presumably this bug is hard-coded because even YUP doesn't fix it. Don't report this as a bug in the comments. Hopefully it will not ruin your experience with this mod.

No other issues are known at this time. Please report any you find in the comments.

It will conflict with any mod that restores or alters the cut Stun Grenade (if this is a problem for many users, I can probably rectify it by creating a new weapon form instead, just let me know). It will not conflict with mods that restore or alter the Gas Grenade because it uses an all-new weapon form. It will conflict with any mod that alters the EMP object effect (used on the pulse grenade and pulse mine), the fire bomb and its associated projectile, the MFC grenade and its associated projectile & explosion, the MFC cluster's explosion, or the long fuse dynamite. Other than that, it uses scripts to place items in leveled lists and form lists, and doesn't alter any worldspace or cell.

I recommend using my On-Fire Damaged Reworked mod in tandem with this one. It will improve the balance between the Incendiary Grenade and Fire Bomb, and it won't conflict.

A version is available for those who want only the three new grenades (impact/gas/stun).
A version is available for users of GunRunners Arsenal Integration Mod that allows you to use this mod without reverting the changes made by that mod.
A version is available for users of Yukichigai Official Patch (YUP).
A version is available for users of both of the above mods.
Sadly, I could not produce a base-game only version that is fully compatible with YUP because I couldn't get rid of the dependency on Old World Blues. Just so you know, the only thing that will break is that YUP's fix for the EMP effect on Old World Blues robots will be undone.

Only download ONE of the seven files, depending on your preference. Put the contents of the mod folder (the folder with the .esp inside of it) into your Data folder, or use a mod manager. To uninstall, delete the mod's files (.esp, meshes, textures, and sounds) or uninstall using a mod manager.

Finally, I would like to thank DaiShi for allowing me to use a model from their Classic Plasma Grenade mod.