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OUTDATED: New standalone retextures of GrinnginUrchens "Evil Detective" and improvements on Acies type 3 port

Permissions and credits
This mod is outdated and has since been updated.
BE ADVISED: This mod is no longer supported!

New standalone retextures of GrinnginUrchen Evil Detective and small improvements on Acies Evil Detective Type 3 mesh to eliminate clipping, straighten the shoes, make the bodice on the shirtless version more closely fitted to the bust.

Including 5 new standalone retextures, that I feel do this fine outfit justice. Two variations on each outfit including one with a shirt, and one without. Each retexture is offered optionally as a seperate, standalone file, or a handy all-in-one pack if you just cant decide what to wear.
Please note this mod is strictly for female couriers at the moment. See FAQ for questions about male variant.

The retextures include
  • Evil Detective OG - This is the original texture offered in GrinnginUrchens original file for fallout 4 and the textures found in acies file, should you prefer the original textures
  • Evil Detective Clean - This is a retexture I and zzjay collaborated on in an attempt to clean up the original textures
  • Rose Desperado - A red and black variation with rose embroidery
  • Midnight Desperado - The same retexture above without the rose embroidery
  • Atomic Blonde - a pinstripe variation inspired by Loraine's airport outfit in the movie "Atomic Blond"
Show me your screen shots! I love to see them, and It motivates me to release more work :)

It was pointed out a while back that the DT was set -way too high-. Im not sure why I did this, I think it was probably just a mistake. I don't remember. Either way, all this update does, is change the DT on the armor to 6.00 (same as the vanilla leather armor) if you like playing with the old armor with the absurdly high dt, dont update the main esp with this.

If you want to set your own personal DT for these outfits, all you gotta do is pop into geck, open them up, and change the DT to whatever it is you desire it to be.
Thanks for your patience.

Download it using NMM, or manually by unpacking the folder and dropping the data content into your fallout: new vegas game directory, be sure to
enable the file before launching the game.

You'll want to have type 3 installed for the skin textures to appear correctly in your game.

Under the good springs water tower in the cemetary, see images for screenshot of location.


Q: Will you port these over to fallout 4, since theyre essentially the same textures?
A: Nope. I have no current plans to bring these textures over to fallout 4. Havent tested them for that game, but I remember modding for fallout 4 being a huge hassle. If you want to do this yourself, you have my blessing to do so, provided you credit me and zzjay for the retextures

Q: Will you ever make a male version of this mod?
A: I have retextures and tweaks on the male variation of the outfit, including a male version of the rose desperado outfit, already in the works. It is not complete, and I dont know when It will be. I want it to be just right!

Q: Any chance that you'll convert it to type X, Y, or Z body?
I have no plans to convert this outfit to any other body type, but any other ambitious mod author has my blessing to do so

-Known Bugs/conflicts-
  • Rose desperado, Midnight desperado, and Atomic Blonde are fairly dark. I tried to maintain as much detail as possible, but your ENB settings, depending on what they are and how dark you like to keep things shades may wipe them out.
  • There is no male version of this file implemented. If you put this outfit on a male character, nothing will appear.
  • the feet kind of angle inward somewhat when running. This was the case with the original port and I have no plans to fix this at present
  • the laces on the back of the shirtless version may be a slightly warped from reshaping

Permission to use assets from this mod in original work, up to and including mash-ups, retextures, improvements to existing assets, conversion to a different body type, quests or inclusions in an overhaul, etc perpetually granted, even in the event of this authors absence, provided the user credits me and every creator I have credited for their hard work. Each individual creator whose assets have been used in this work reserves the right to revoke permission for use of assets at anytime. Please read individual author permissions on each of the pages and fully adhere to them.

  • AusAllerWelt for extensive improvements made upon mesh, including straightening the shoes and tightening the bodice
  • zzjay For creating clean shirt, and clean harness textures
  • GrinnginUrchen For creating the original and being so generous with their assets
  • Acies for porting the original mod to fallout new vegas and converting it to type 3, and allowing me to tweak the port.
  • 7thNighthawk For extensive testing
  • reveccamorikava For extensive testing
  • ThatMrSmile For extensive testing

If I've missed anyone let me know.
If you like the work you've seen here, think about giving the above mods some endorsements for their work!

Thank you for your continued encouragement, patience and support!

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