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Fallout 4 port
Vanilla body

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Evil Detective Outfit

from Fallout 4


Simple outfit mod.you'll find the items in Goodsprings.
check below for details.


Body Used : Vanilla\Improved

Color Variants : 4

Location : Goodsprings > PICTURE

Now the ESP includes female version too. 
But the assets come from this mod, and you'll have to download and install its meshes and textures to display properly.


Download and install the main file.
If you want the female version to display correctly, also download this mod:
(the esp from the Female mod is not needed, but the meshes and textures are).

Now you have both MALE and FEMALE versions into ONE ESP, and you can install the TYPE6 mesh conversion.

Why isn't the female model and texture included in the download?
Because a friend of mine tookcare of that project, and it wouldnt be fair to just reupload and share her content. So we just merged the ESP.



GrinnginUrchen for Evil Detective Fo4
Dragbody jeans and shoes
Dala and Alma_16 for Female version
Fallout2AM for the compatibility patch for Small Animator
Dimon99 and Izumiko for type body.

CANNOT be sold or posted on Creation Club!!!!