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  1. tgspy
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    Hi everyone. I'm very happy to announce, that we will be remaking and reworking the NCR MQ from the ground up! This will be a long term project spearheaded by Myself, Imperial, Outlander and the rest of the development team, to create a better, more appropriate story for the New California Republic in the Frontier. We've spent the last few months documenting and parsing through the mod to find all the logical and lore inconsistencies, all the little issues and more, to help us better understand where the lore is at the frontier. Using this information gathered, we are now making the first steps to reworking the NCR MQ.

    As an extra amazing bonus, with this rework comes an entirely new way to start the Frontier which will be designed after the vanilla way of introducing the player to the factions. No longer will there be strange and teleporty ways to meeting the factions, now you will actually have to do some work for them to join them!

    The big note: With this change comes the need for more hands. We heard your complaints, and your concerns, and that's why we're asking for the communities help. We're looking for new writers, artists, texture artists, modellers, composers and anyone with GECK experience. We've already recruited a number of fantastic people to the team and we're looking to ever expand, to hopefully allow us to move at breakneck speed with a growing team of people. If you are interested in joining up, please write a message in our recruitment channel on discord with what you're looking to do, and if possible, some previous examples of your work. We're also happy to train people who are somewhat new to the GECK, and there's no better place to learn. Thanks everyone, and here's to a better Frontier!
  2. tgspy
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    Hi all, we're locking this thread down for the time being. All discussion will be moved to our discord server where we can more effectively provide assistance for any issues you have!

    Discord Link

    You can also follow our work on Twitter at: Twitter Link

    Also it's quite upsetting to see how toxic this comment section is still. We don't deserve to still be putting up with the childish behaviour. Thanks
  3. elbeto57
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    Hi, I having "4Gb Patch Reinstall" problem, i Initially have it, any wahy download uninstall and reinstalled again... still same Error Message. Wath can i do?

    I using Vortex Manager.

    A: Decompress and install manually on FNV folder and Message dissapear :-)--- still dont run Frontier but at least message dessapear!

    Q: Unistall almost all MODs but your recommended list, UI Mods, HAIR mod and Bugfixs Mods... still Starting at Doctors House  @:-(

    A:... Thats supussed to be, Ahve to start game at doctors house, create your character an then, outside of house, a soldier talk to you to accept te "Frontier" Mission... @:-p
  4. fallout3123
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    I just want to say I’m sorry you guys had to go through what you went through after years of work and I hope you stay strong and know a lot of people still loved this mod
  5. iberra
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    I downloaded this mod just for the car aspect.
  6. LaJuett
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    Has anyone had an issues regarding the Tank driving? The Tank refuses to move forward for me. It just keeps falling through the map over and over. 
  7. afrak
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    Hello, i have an issue in the game and i dont know how to fix it , i uninstalled the game and reinstalled it with the same problem.. error in script[tfloadmapmarkersfunction] in mod the frontier.esm.
    invalid array access-expected string index, received numeric.
    operator [failed to evaluate to a valid result.
    file: the frontier.esm offset :0*0047 command let
    my mods are:
    The Frontier.esm
    Fallout The Frontier Unofficial Patch.esm
    NVEC Complete.esm
    YUP - Base Game + All DLC.esm
    The Frontier - Edits And Additions.esp
    Frontier Weapon Tweaks.esp
    The Frontier - Crossbow Fix.esp
    Frontier - Tgspys NCR MQ Changes.esp
    CASM with MCM.esp
    Enhanced Item Info.esp
    Easy Unlocking and Easy Hacking and Guaranteed Pick Pocket.esp
    The Mod Configuration Menu.esp
    Run Speed Perk - on always.esp
    The Weapon Mod Menu.esp
    Better Pickup Prompt.esp
    Better Combat Performance - Merged.esp
    Max Level 255.esp
    Vanilla UI Plus.esp
    YUP - NPC Fixes (Base Game + All DLC).esp
    Total active plugins: 42
    Total plugins: 42
  8. warvet91597
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    POV, my framerate whenever there's any kind of situation that involves more than a handful of NPC's
    Seriously, what gives?
    1. FaithXo
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      New vegas
  9. SirKads
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    does anyone know how to install this with vortex? i tried using a video and it hasnt worked.
  10. puristfanatic11
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    I have a question about the northern legion campaign, warning SPOLIERS ahead

    After you kill blackthorne during the battle for New Phoenix AFB you are instructed to go to the surface, there you find legate valerius, dead in the snow. the quest doesn't update it still has the same objective except a new quest appears  "Nuclear Winter" In which the player is instructed to leave the frontier via vertibird. I did just that and left the frontier. Was something supposed to happen when I found the corpse of valerius? Or does the main story line for the legion end there. I just feel generally unsatisfied and I ask "What happened after the legate died?" and "Why did my efforts matter?" I mean this just makes me question If I accomplished anything. It also feels weird that I'm just back in vegas, business as usual. So yeah this ending for the northern legion feels strange and out of place. I also felt the legion quest line was rather short and relatively easy, the legion quests boiled down too "Get important thing" "kill important guy" "Kill members of opposing faction" I'm not sure if the Crusaders and NCR Exiles quest line are any longer or shorter. I will play the crusaders and NCR exiles next for comparisons sake. so yeah kinda conflicted on the legion quest,
  11. frankieocnarf
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    Does anyone have an idea for when the voice acting will be done (I am so totally not trying to rush anyone or anything, I totally get that these things take time), I ask, because I'm thinking of starting a new playthrough, but don't want to invest a couple dozen hours into fnv if a massive update requiring a new game is gonna release a few months after I start. If it's still a while away though I might as well go ahead. If not, I'll finish my current fo4 playthrough first. Thanks so much for the mod!
    1. zazooo9
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      I believe the new version of the mod won't be done in a bit so you should be fine
    2. frankieocnarf
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