Fallout New Vegas



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- Fixed some reported issues in the Crusader Nuke Base
- Added some additional failsafes to the crusader MQ ending
- Removed a weird thing in Old Bens SHack- Removed the Microfusion Breeders from Adams shop inventory (doh)
- Fixed some navmesh issues issues in the underground spider tunnel
- Increased mag size of the Thompson to 60 from 30
- Corrected Broken LOD
- All melee weapons that were missing swing sound fx now have them
- Fixed incorrect sound entries with several melee weapons that caused their swing sounds to not play
- All sword melee weapons now use the proper SwordImpactDataSet instead of the KnifeImpactDataSet
- Renamed the "Jonnygun Standard" to "Jonnygun"
- Renamed the "10mm Light Rifle" to "Scav Light Rifle"
- Renamed the "Jericho Fusion Cannon" to "Fusion Cannon"
- Renamed the "Galieon Sub-Sonic Assault Rifle" to "Sub-Sonic Assault Rifle"
- (these should hopefully be the last of the name changes; the rest of the Frontier weapons seem to be named appropriately)
- Removed my older mesh edits to the Shambly Marksman Rifle; opted instead to improve the UV mapping, and change the animations to reflect the gun's weird hybrid design
- Shambly Marksman Rifle is now semi-auto; changed the attack animation to AttackLeft
- Tweaked the balance of the Bull Shotgun to bring it more in line with the rest of the Tier 4 shotguns; it's still powerful, but will no longer outclass Tier 5 shotguns
- Rebalanced the Mossberg Shotgun; weapon was extremely OP for a measly Tier 2 shotgun (honestly, it's still pretty OP even with the nerf, but at least now it doesn't invalidate the Hunting Shotgun)
- Removed an unncessary explosion flag from the Jericho Fusion Cannon projectile; this also fixes a small incopatiblity with Unofficial Patch NVSE Plus
- Tweaked the posistioning of the Frontline Machine Gun charging handle node to eliminate clipping
- Changed the pick-up sounds of the Sheriff/SWAT Shotguns to the standard rifle pick-up; the unique unholster sounds are untouched
- Added a missing object effect to Clarent
- Small edit to the 1st person texture set of the Plasma Slinger
- Corrected the Resist Type for several explosive weapons