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Adds the Fallout 4 burrowing functionality, Cazador nest, and a few new creatures. Complete with an MCM to toggle parts of the mod you do and don't want.

Permissions and credits

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-This mod adds Burrowing Radscorpions, Bark Scorpions, Mole Rats, and Cazadores to the game. Complete with an MCM to toggle what parts of the mod you do and don't want. Radscorpions and Bark Scorpions will burrow in the dirt. Mole Rats you can hear tunneling underneath you. Cazadors make nest in the dirt that can be looted. Excavators are new Cazador variants that can burrow mid combat to close distance on the player. All of these creatures have been added to vanilla leveled list via scripts for maximum compatibility.

-This is a proper merge of my Burrowing Cazadores, and Tunneling Creatures mods.
These mods are part of a series of mods that are focused on integrating new lore friendly creatures into Fallout New Vegas.

-Please post any un-lore friendly and immersion breaking aspects, or inconsistencies with this mod. I want this mod to be as lore friendly and as well integrated as possible. Any feedback is appreciated. :)

-if you wan to learn how to make your own burrowing creatures, I have a tutorial up on nexus now: Burrowing Creatures Modders Resource at Fallout New Vegas - mods and community (nexusmods.com)

New Creature Details:

Cazador Nest:

MCM Details:

Incompatible Mods:
None, Tell me if you find any.


Draloa for creating the Cazador textures and allowing me to use her textures to create all kinds of new creature variants.
Critters Retexture Pack:

CyrusMonroe For letting me use his Xander root textures.
Better Looking Xander Root:

RageBear1984 for helping me with rigging the burrows mesh in 2.0

Mindboggles for letting me upload her custom Radscorpion skeleton to prevent the scorpions from getting stuck in the ground. -You want this, and you need this.

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