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Retextures of various Mojave critters.

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If you like these, check out the other creature retextures I've uploaded on my profile, including deathclaws and nightstalkers. :)

This is a little texture pack including a couple of creature retextures, often of the 'varmint' variety. I might add variations later on if I get time, but feel free to pick and choose which ones you'd like to use, if any.

Update: Lakelurks
Lakelurks were never one of my favourite creatures in the game because I think they could've done so much more with a snapping turtle mutant. A missed opportunity, I think. Imagine trying to take down an 8 foot tall, armoured, carnivorous titan turtle. Instead we have these humanoid creature-from-the-black-lagoon-lookalikes that use sonar as a weapon, for... some reason. Anyway, I did what I could with them!


Cazadors have more shocking body colours to match their wings, which especially suit their trademark threat displays.

Giant rats no longer have glowing blue eyes and gleaming white fur. Now they're dark and more... well, rat-like, meaning they can scurry around at night in relative peace.

Ants now have two distinct differences between the regular breed and the fire breed. Regular ants are all black and unassuming in appearance, whereas fire ants have a very clear flame-like pattern across their body to warn would-be predators to stay away. Queen ants are darker.

Giant radscorpions aren't blue anymore, but have a camouflaged rock-like hide to blend in before striking (looks best with NMC's texture pack). Bark scorpions now have actual bark-like patterns on their carapace, as well as white stripes to give you a hint of their poisonous ability.