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Adds 4 tough variants of Emperor Scorpions with new items, recipes, and 2 new weapon.

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This mod adds Emperor Scorpions to the leveled list and swaps the Bark Scorpions at Scorpion Gulch to Emperor Scorpions. There are 4 variants of Emperor Scorpion ready to give you some challenging engagements. #Dark Souls of scorpions.


The Emperor Scorpions textures are similar looking to the one from Book of Flesh.
If you use this texture mod I would suggest replacing the Radscorpion textures with the once from Vandr HD Creatures: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout3/mods/18500/. It's a fallout 3 mod but the textures included for the Radscorpion will work for the nv Radscorpion. just download it manually and take only the Radscopion textures in: Data\textures\Creatures\Radscorpion,and drop it in the folder of the same name. If not Radscorpions and the Emperor Scorpions hard to tell apart.

Like Radscorpions these little monsters mutated from prewar Emperor Scorpions. Unlike Radscorpions, these Emperor Scorpions retained their name due to more closely matching their prewar counterpart. Males, while mostly left intact aesthetically, produce far more potent toxins from their gland. They can now paralyze their targets for a short period of time. Female have suffered the brunt of the mutation, growing much larger than their male counterparts. They contain a thin layer of fluid beneath their exoskeleton causing them to glow under the right circumstances. They have a tendency to explode when activated, so stay clear.

Detailed information about Emperor Scorpions:


Male, and Female Emperor Scorpions wont attack unless you get to close.

Males: scale with your level up to level 13.
Are Much smaller and come in larger numbers. if stung they will paralyze you for a short duration. they don't do a lot of base damage with most of their damage coming from poison build up. They will also decrease strength and agility, making it hard to get away after being stung. Try not to get circle jerked, or you will find yourself being infinity paralyzed before you can even get up to fight back. Because they're small they will have difficulty hitting you to begin with. You can easily jump over them. It would be best to just avoid stepping on them as their aggro radius is much smaller than the females.

Females: scale with your level up to level 17.
Females are slightly larger than males and have a lower spawn rate. They only start spawning after level 8 and can only be spawned by chance on a male. They are more damage resistant due to them being easier to hit. If the female stings anything it will become "Super Charged", glowing blue, becoming even more damage resistant, and get a pretty big speed multiplier.

Giant Emperor Scorpions: scale with your level up to level 27.
Just like Females they have a low spawn rate, but don't rely on male scorpions
to spawn. They only spawn after level 15 and become more common as you approach
level 30. like female scorpions if they string something they become super
charged. A Giant Super Charged Scorpion is kinda like a mini boss. if you kill
it, it will explode into acid just like the females. They can be discharged to
obtain their items. They have a much higher chance of dropping a Super Charged
Gland and are the only other place; with the exception of the Queen, that you
can find an Acidic Heart.

The Queen can be found in the center of Scorpion Gulch. She cannot be super
charged. instead her sting is more reminiscent of the males just with higher
multipliers and damage. She has High DT and doesn't scale with your level. if
killed she will explode into many male and female scorpions. The amount can
very based on your level. She has an 100% chance of dropping an Acidic Heart.
Queen Emperor Scorpion have a 1 in 14 chance of spawning after level 38.

Charged Scorpions: Charged Females scale to 20 while Charged Giants scale to 30.
Charged Scorpions can be pretty hard to kill, but if you do manage to kill one stay back; because they explode into acid.  You can tell that a Charged Scorpions health is low, because its blue glow will turn white and start flickering. The best way to deal with them is to bring an EMP weapon. pulse grenades, pulse mines, or the pulse gun will all work. these will discharge the scorpion back into its original form where it will be much easier to kill. if you discharge a scorpion after its been charged it has a chance of dropping a rare item. A Discharged Female Scorpions has the chance to drop a "Super Charged Gland", a Giant Discharged Scorpion has a chance of dropping an "Acidic Heart" along with a Super Charged Gland. Charged Scorpion stings will cause it to heal and give you a nice trip.

Electric Bloatflys:
Electric Bloatflys follow around Female Emperor Scorpions for protection as they have no real means of attack. They will emit a electric pulse that charge any nearby Female Emperor Scorpions. You probably want to shoot these guys first*



Emperor Scorpion Gland:
Currently cannot craft anything with. Look forwarded to future updates.
Drop Chance:
Queen Emperor Scorpion: 100% drops3.
Giant Emperor Scorpion: 75% chance to drop.
Female Emperor Scorpion: 50% chance to drop.
Male Emperor Scorpion: 25% chance to drop.

Super Charged Gland:
A throwable/Crafting item that explodes into acid. These drop from discharged
Emperor Scorpions. Watch out there hot! whoever holds this in their inventory
takes 1 tick of damage per second until dropped. You can use this to kill NPCs
by putting it in their pockets.
Drop Chance:
Discharged Female Scorpion: 50% of dropping.
Discharged Giant Scorpion: 65% of dropping, and 33% of dropping 2.

Acidic Heart:
This is a rare Ingestible/Crafting  item, and like the Super Charged Gland will deal damage to the holder. Acidic Hearts in its unrefined form are worth a lot of caps. Once it is extracted from a dead scorpion it will decrease in value every few second. if dropped this item cannot be recovered as it will splatter on the ground. If the Item Hits a value of 0, the item will expire after opening your pip boy. The Acidic Heart typically last a day before fully expiring.
Drop Chance:
Discharged Giant Scorpion: 26% of dropping every first kill, every second kill:
36% chance.
Queen Emperor Scorpion: 100% of dropping.

Refined Super Charged Gland:
Super Charge Glands can be refined via campfire, or workbench. Refining the
Super Charged Gland will cause it to no longer deal damage to its holder, but
does a little bit less damage than the unrefined variant.

Refined Acidic Heart:
Refined Acidic Heart is worth less than the unrefined variant. it will no
longer decrease in value and wont deal damage to the holder. Refining the Acid
Heart will allow you to craft more items. Right now the only item it you can
craft with it is Rapid Discharge.

Electric Bloatfly Blood:
Electric Bloatfly Blood is a misc items that drops from Electric Bloatflys that can be used to craft Rapid Discharge.

Rapid Discharge:
Rapid Discharge is an drink that can be crafted with Electric Bloatfly Blood and Purified Water. this will
produce 3 Rapid Discharges. If consumed anytime you reload a shock wave is
produced, stunning any enemy within a certain radius. This is great for
fighting death claws.

Location Changes:


Bark Scorpion spawns are edited in Scorpion Gulch.
An edit to one of the bunkers in hidden valley that adds a few Emperor Scorpion spawns; along with a ramp because the males where to small to clime up the stairs <3.
I plan to add more, along with some scripted events. Give me ideas for locations that are lacking some spice where you think these guys fit in good.

Incompatible Mods:
None, Tell me if you find any.

Mod Credit:

Prideslayer: for creating nvse extender, without it Rapid Discharge wouldn't be a thing. The dll for nvse extender are packaged with this mod.

WitchScroll: use of image space modifier from his mod Drug Visuals

The NVSE Team: for creating the NVSE.

The creators of JIP: for doing gods work.

Thank you to everyone in the TTW discord server for helping me when I needed it <3

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