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Adds 4 tough variants of Emperor Scorpions with new items, recipes, and 2 new weapon.

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This mod adds Emperor Scorpions to the leveled list and swaps the Bark Scorpions at Scorpion Gulch to Emperor Scorpions. There are 4 variants of Emperor Scorpion ready to give you some challenging engagements. #Dark Souls of scorpions.


The Emperor Scorpions textures are similar looking to the one from Book of Flesh.
If you use this texture mod I would suggest replacing the Radscorpion textures with the once from Vandr HD Creatures: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout3/mods/18500/. It's a fallout 3 mod but the textures included for the Radscorpion will work for the nv Radscorpion. just download it manually and take only the Radscopion textures in: Data\textures\Creatures\Radscorpion,and drop it in the folder of the same name. If not Radscorpions and the Emperor Scorpions hard to tell apart.

Like Radscorpions these little monsters mutated from prewar Emperor Scorpions. Unlike Radscorpions, these Emperor Scorpions retained their name due to more closely matching their prewar counterpart. Males, while mostly left intact aesthetically, produce far more potent toxins from their gland. They can now paralyze their targets for a short period of time. Female have suffered the brunt of the mutation, growing much larger than their male counterparts. They contain a thin layer of fluid beneath their exoskeleton causing them to glow under the right circumstances. They have a tendency to explode when activated, so stay clear.

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Incompatible Mods:
None, Tell me if you find any.

Mod Credit:

Prideslayer: for creating nvse extender, without it Rapid Discharge wouldn't be a thing. The dll for nvse extender are packaged with this mod.

WitchScroll: use of image space modifier from his mod Drug Visuals

The NVSE Team: for creating the NVSE.

The creators of JIP: for doing gods work.

Thank you to everyone in the TTW discord server for helping me when I needed it <3

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