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A cosy, cluttered, plausible motel room redesign for the vanilla player's room in Novac, with a few small surprises...

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You might be wondering, after all these years, what could possibly be brought to the table that hasn't been done before in regards to the familiar motel room the player can acquire in Novac. While there are some absolutely amazing redesigns out there, of which I am a fan as well, they tend to clash with my sense of immersion and what is plausible for a motel room in a small wasteland town; this isn't the Ultra Luxe, after all. At the same time however, I do love nicely cluttered, lived-in interiors, and with all the wonderful modders' resources available nowadays, it's a shame not to make the most of them.

Hence, my vision of the Novac Player's Room. 

It's still well-appointed and comfortable by wasteland standards (perhaps a bit too much so compared to the rest of the building...but that was my small concession regarding aesthetics, I figured maybe they renovated this one room and kept it aside for well-heeled guests), it features all the standard motel amenities, including:

  • Multiple containers to store your stuff
  • A working microwave that you can use to cook as you would a fire pit or hot plate
  • A bed which grants the well-rested bonus
  • Several new consumables, mostly for flavour
  • A newly-installed light in the bathroom

and, as a bonus

  • The recipes to craft some of these for yourself; look around for them!

It doesn't have a workbench, reloading bench, chemistry set etc.; it's unlikely a simple motel room would offer such facilities plus the former two are found nearby in town. 


1. Install using your preferred mod manager and you're good to go. If you already visited the room before installing the mod, you MUST reload an earlier save or the bathroom door will not open properly! This isn't something I can fix, sorry. If you don't have a save from before you entered the room, just select the door in the console and hit "disable" (minus the " ")

2. If you are using LimeMods' Great Mojave Interior Overhaul, download the associated patch from the Optional Files.

2. I no longer use Interior Lighting Overhaul and there are better alternatives nowadays, but if you are still using it, also download the compatibility patch from the Archived files: it makes it play nicely with ILO's light switch feature and even fixes an oversight with the OFF version of one of the light fixtures. This version REQUIRES Interior Lighting Overhaul - Core.esm. Thanks @adriant1978 for the help with the patch!

The preview images feature the ILO version of the mod. Also used in the screenshots: AlpenGlow ENB