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Replaces the camera movement in every 1st person animation with more subtle motion made using modern techniques.

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The motion of the camera found in the 1st person animations in this game is overdone and far too strong, you lose out on detail in the anims due to the near motion sickness inducing screen waving, it can make combat feel disorientating and in some cases throw off your aim. However you can't just remove it without amplifying the feeling that you're just a floating camera without weight instead of a person, so I reanimated the camera in (nearly) all the animations from scratch.

This mod also fixes a handful of animation bugs I found while I was working.

The results are best seen in game or in video, so check out the video section or just try the mod out and see if it's for you.


Someone: Is this compatible with X?

Me: This mod is incompatible with the following animation mods:

Weapon Animation Replacer WAR (Only partially incompatible, don't install any of its 1st person anims and you're good to go.)
1st Person Weapon Animation Overhaul
Weapon Animation Replacers - Enhanced Camera compatibility pack
Asurah Reanimation Pack
Remove Camera Movements from 1st Person Animations

Everything else should be compatible, no I can't/won't make a version compatible with any of those, one set of anims was enough work already. 

Someone: Why did you make this mod?

Me: I wanted to play Fallout 3 via TTW but the camera motion was annoying me, as it was much worse overall in the animations that came from F3, so I used some of the tricks I picked up while animating for F4 and fixed it.

Someone: Why not use an existing animation mod like everyone else?

Me: I don't like any of them.

Someone: Even yours?

Me: Especially mine.


Installs like any other mod, manually or using a mod manager, I recommend the later for easy uninstallation.

While it's not a hard requirement, I strongly recommend ether using the Weapon Mesh Improvement Mod By RoyBatterian, or A Tale of Two Wastelands (TTW) by the TTW Team (Not both). I built this mod off of their fixed animations so for the best possible experience you should use them as well, plus its handy if you actually want to hit stuff with certain guns.


Installation in reverse.

Credits & Thanks

RoyBatterian & Mindboggles for advice and the fixed vanilla animations that I used as base for this mod and all my future mods.
Bethesda and Obsidian for Fallout New Vegas.
Hitman47101 for the rest.

This mod is dedicated to the best bunch of Pepe-lovin, Dicaprio-sniggering manic obsessives around, you know who you are, with love friends. 

Final note, this took too long to make.