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A story overhaul mod for the Honest Hearts DLC, with a whole new story for Joshua Graham, the tribes, the Legion, and the New Canaanites. Fully-voiced with almost 30 completely new NPCs, deep moral choices, and a fresh take on the story of the Burned Man. Literary, intelligent, with plenty of explosions and gunslinging.

Permissions and credits

version 1.50
(this is my first mod, ever.)

UPDATE: version 1.50 addresses a script messup that stopped progression and fixes over 50 voice errors and problems.
UPDATE: After a long hiatus, I have returned. Patch 1.48 does the following:
-Makes over 150 quality of life and bug fixes
- Restores 3 Cut Quests
- Streamlined the game's 3 endings, allowing players more choice and freedom
- Added new challenges
- Added a new fully-voiced NPC providing a new quest option.

Please contact me about bugs and more support will continue.

“Holy ***! Dang! That was awesome! Wow, that was really, well...that was awesome!”
- Alchestbreach, at the end of this mod.

What you gotta have: 
Fallout: New Vegas base game
Honest Hearts

Despite its beautiful setting Zion National Park and the incredible story of Joshua Graham, Honest Hearts has generally been regarded as more disappointing than successful. (I mean, you meet the most awesome warrior in the wasteland then he asks you to go find walkie-talkies??) Honest Hearts Reborn is a canon-replacing story that tells a new story of Joshua Graham. When the Courier's caravan to New Canaan is hijacked in Zion by the Legion, the Courier is taken prisoner by a sadistic Legion commander named Livius, who forces the Courier to help him find the Burned Man. The Courier's journey will lead him to the highest cliff in Zion's, and to meet and influence the Burned Man himself. What he doesn't know is that his decisions will not only affect the Legion and Joshua, but the New Canaanites, prospectors, and all the tribes living in Zion National Park.

Stuff that's in it:

- A DLC-length questline defined by character choice, written by award-winning playwright Ted S. Bushman
- ~30 voiced NPCs voiced by an incredible cast of actors
- 3 new companions
- a revamped, teeming Zion Canyon full of new factions including Livius' Legion, the Bloodstone Tribe, the Burned Ones, the Highlander Mutants, and the mysterious and faithful New Canaanites.
- exactly what you want to be playing before Fallout 4 comes out - literary, thoughtful, meaningful crap and also shooting

Cast (Through Whom All of This is Possible)
[NOTE: Please do not attempt to contact actors personally. If you would like to request an actor's help on your mod, contact the developer and he will make an inquiry. These are professionals, and should be treated as such.]

Brian Russell Carey as Chen Masterson
Alicia Kaori Shumway as Lucy Masterson & All-Clouds
Jordan Call as Nonus & Everlasting Light
Jamie Nelson as Legate Livius
Ben Isaacs as Brutus
Christopher Brand as Hadrian & Walks-With-Spirits
Mallory Isaacs as Zoe Young & Carrie
Collette Astle as Salt-Upon-Wounds & Bright-Seer
McKenzie Steele Foster as Camilla
Barta Heiner as Amy Wilks
Jacob Swain as Strange Legionary & Daniel
Carson Timothy Wright as Adam, Karl, and Nibley
Ted Bushman as Joshua & Others
Tom Throlfell as Mordecai
Suzanne Bushman as The Memory
Cesar Adams as Gate Guards and Legionaries
Dallen Thomas as Legionary Decanus