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A small mod that lets the player walk up to the Sierra Madre, rather than just teleporting into the lobby.

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The Sierra Madre is a *very* intimidating building, and its imposing structure is visible all throughout the DLC - that is, until you actually go to it. Instead, the gate in the villa just teleports you to the lobby very anticlimactically. This mod aims to fix that by adding a new segment to Sierra Madre where the Villa Gate leads to a small area leading up to the Madre, letting you see the imposing building firsthand and walk to the doors.

Of course, the Gala Event has drawn a lot of Ghost People to the Madre, so don't expect the journey to be easy.

  • Fallout New Vegas
  • Dead Money

This should be compatible with any Dead Money mod, as it only makes changes to where the villa gate and Sierra Madre lobby doors connect to, which I don't think any other mod changes.

  • Massive thanks to EPDGaffney for mesh & texture edits to the Sierra Madre building that make it usable
  • Whaledon for the Sierra Madre Exterior Fixed mod, which I used as a base for the Sierra Madre model used here
  • Me, I guess
  • Mister Geck for not looking this way.

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