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Add's a unique variante of the Marksman Carabine called Screaming Eagle, similar to the All-American but with improved stats and mods, this weapon is a homenage to the 101st Airborne Division that was born in 1918 and saw action in WWII, Vietnam and is still active today.

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Screaming Eagle - A Unique Marksman Carabine

This mods adds a new unique variant to the Marksman Carabine to be found in the Mojave Wasteland.

Similar to the All-American this is a new Variant of the Marksman Carabine, just like the All-American that is a reference to the 82nd Airborne Division, nicknamed the "All-American" division, this weapon serves the same purpose to the 101st Airborne Division nickenamed the "Screaming Eagles".

This weapons has improved stats compared to the All-American, and also has 3 modification avalible, making it the strongest Marksman Carabine Variante in the game unless you have any mods that change that.

Stats Differences:

All-American              StatsScreaming Eagle
1.0Fire Rate1.5

The weapon comes with no scope by default but comes with 3 equippable modifications:
-Extended Mags;
-Acog Scope(See through scope).

The weapon will be found in Dr Mitchel's house in the kitchen, with 3 boxes with the mods for it.

This works with my oter marksman Carabine mods without any issue, it's fully standalone.
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