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Zach & Mike companions from MikeBurnFire's FNV YouTube series, fully voiced using audio from the videos. Now includes Legion Mike as well!

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This mod adds Zach and Mike from the Fallout New Vegas series hosted on MikeBurnFire and Legion Mike from the No No Bad series. Both of them are fully voiced using audio clips from the videos, with plenty of references thrown in through the dialogue. They can be found in Novac. At night, they can be found next door to Jeannie May's house. Legion Mike can be found in Cottonwood Cove. Do remember that, by default, Legion Mike is hostile to the NCR. You can change this by asking him to switch into a disguise.

New Vegas Series
  • Fully functional Zach companion. Mike follows Zach as his own companion.
  • Both Zach and Mike have companion wheels, however some of the functions (like Wait) will not work on Mike.
  • Fully voiced! Both Zach and Mike use voice clips from the series.
  • Zach has a unique combat style in which he will use a grenade launcher. This can be done through the Tactics dialogue.
  • Zach can repair your equipment, after you talk to him about it through a question.
  • Zach and Mike will both comment on various locations in the Mojave Wasteland.
  • Zach and Mike both have numerous personal questions you can ask them, including many references to the videos. Even one or two perk-related ones!

No No Bad Series
  • A fully functional and voiced Legion companion! So rare, I know.
  • A disguise feature, switching between hostile and neutral to the NCR.
  • The ability to have Mike's ranged weaponry switch between Spears and an Anti-Material Rifle through the Tactics dialogue.
  • The perk "Legion Infiltrator" allows you to wear disguises without getting caught by sniffers (namely, NCR Rangers).
  • Several reputation dialogue checks that will garner different responses.
  • Mike will comment on many locations in the Wasteland, as well as your actions during a couple of quests.
  • Mike has many questions that you can ask him.
  • Aurelius of Phoenix's face has been replaced with Zach's, just like in the series. He also has an odd friend, following him closely at all times.
  • A very disgruntled small arms repairman is living in the Mojave Outpost. He can repair your weaponry when he's on Armory duty.

  • Fallout New Vegas
  • Lonesome Road
  • Honest Hearts
  • Caravan Pack
  • Courier Vests

  • Mike and Zach for the series and their voices.
  • Mike for the No No Bad Series
  • MissMorose for Courier Vests.
  • Laserman117 for help with Mike's face.
  • Me, I guess.
  • Mister Geck for not looking in this direction.

The Haunted Casino
A Golden Opportunity - Legion El Dorado Quest
Uncanny Valley Research Center
Sierra Madre Grand Entrance