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An exciting, fun and challenging quest to 10 forgotten locations

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A Trail of Crumbs

A Trail of Crumbs…" ~ A fun, exciting and challenging quest featuring 10 forgotten locations and nearly 4 hours of game play**!

Have you ever remembered a certain place that you may have only visited a time or two and then simply forgot about? There are
quite a few places in the game that have little reason to visit other
than exploration. For example, how many times have you been to Mama
Dolce's or the Chryslus Building? How about Fort Bannister or the Red
Racer Factory? If you are like me, you may not have visited those places
very often or maybe not al all!

"A Trail of Crumbs" is an exciting, challenging and most of all FUN quest that seeks to guide the
player to these and other locations. The quest encompasses 10 separate
locations to explore where you will find a hidden key and a modest
amount of loot. Once you find the key, you will receive the coordinates
to the next location to explore to find the next key and so on etc. Each
of these places have lots of loot and there are plenty of enemies in
each of them so you can collect quite a bit of spoils along the way if
you wish! The player receives a nice perk, some armor with custom stats
and a nice little bunker for completing the quest. (see below)

To start the quest make your way to the little patio area behind the
Chryslus Building. You will find an hornery Talon Merc named Bubba who
will help you on your way after you dispose of him and search his body.

See the original mod here for more https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout3/mods/11283