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This module restricts a player (that is you), from saving game anywhere you want to. Instead it lets you to choose one of the four different save modes, from the easiest one to permanent death mode.

Fixed version of mod uploaded in 2011. Deleted unnecessary scripts from this mod + changed some old stuff, Fix priority is permanent death m

Permissions and credits
=== Description ===

Mod origin https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/43834?tab=description

This module restricts a player (that is you), from saving game anywhere you want to. Instead it lets you to choose one of the following save modes:

HOLY SMOKE - this mode is the easiest one. Your progress will be saved each time you smoke a day-saving cigarette, taking a drink in Prospector saloon, or taking a nap in owned or rented bed. This mode is recommended for most players.

NO PLACE LIKE HOME - in this mode you cannot smoke (alright, actually you can, but it has no effect), but taking a nap in owned or rented bed and drinking in Prospector saloon will still save your day.

DIE YOUNG is a first of two permanent death modes, which means you can't save at all, except when you exit the game. Each time you enter the menu dialogue with ESCAPE key, the game is saved, but the save becomes invalid once you return to game. The good news is that all your experience will be doubled in this mode, so maybe, who knows, you will even be able to complete the game some day.

And finally, TO LIVE IS TO DIE mode is just like the previous one, but with no good news. It's a pure permadeath mode, you're not supposed to actually hope to complete the game with this one active. Before choosing this, think about how much it is easier to die in Fallout then in NetHack. 

=== Recovering after crash ===
Since v0.93 NSC has "crash-proof" mode. With crash-proof mode active, your progress is saved on equal intervals so if the game crashes, you can continue from the momentprior to the crash, but you can't load it in normal way - the module is trying prevents this by all means. When mode is active, some restrictions apply:

- you can't see your character's death animation. Once HP goes below zero, you immedietly kicked to the main menu.
- console is blocked unless you're in menu or pip-boy mode
- Whatever action you have mapped on ALT key (aiming by default, which is the same as the right mouse button), it has to be re-mapped, 'cause it becomes unusable (the game keeps saving while you hold that key, so the framerate drops to 3-5 frames per second. It is likely to be changed in future versions tho. 

Warning: this mode is exploiting some ugly undocumented engine's features normally called bugs. For the moment i've got it all running smoothly, but still there is a small chance for something wrong to happen. But again, it is very unlikely. 

=== Installation ===
Before running NV with this mod, i suggest you back up your old saves just in case you'll overwrite some of them due to habit. Other then that, nothing should go wron, so it's just a precaution.

If you downloaded a .zip file, just unzip the it into DATA folder and activate the esp in launcher. You will need to get New Vegas Script Extender from http://nvse.silverlock.org/ if you still don't have one. 

Otherwise use Fallout Mod Manager (http://newvegasnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=36901).

=== Important notes ===
You can actually save your game normally, but when you'll load it later, you will be immediately kicked to the main menu. That's how the mod works.

The save file names are character-independent, so make sure you backed up your previous character's saves before starting a new one. File names are "nsc_savepoint" and "nsc_exitsave". When you save by smoking, resting, or drinking at Prospector saloon, the game is saved as "nsc_savepoint". When you call the game menu using ESCAPE key, game is saved as "nsc_exitsave" in HOLY SMOKE and NO PLACE LIKE HOME modes, and "nsc_savepoint" in DIE YOUNG and TO LIVE IS TO DIE. 

=== Additional notes ===
I tested the module most with HOLY SMOKE mode most of the time, with "Arwen's Realism Tweaks" (www.newvegasnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=34759) and "No Fast Travel" (www.newvegasnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=35171) modules, so NSC is balanced for this. Of course you can still use it with any other mods if there are no conflicts. 

Smoking implementation is based on "Animated Usable Cigarettes" mod (http://www.newvegasnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=38002). The main changes in NSC from this mod are:
- Cigarette bag is no longer required. Cigarette packs and cartons are now converted into respected "digestible" items once they appear in your inventory. Using "digestible" cigarette pack will give you 5 day-saving cigarettes, and cigarette carton contains 10 cigarette packs. The downside is that the bag will not be added to player character inventory, so you can't create a "wearable cigarette".
- Vanilla cigarettes are converted into day-saving cigarettes as well
- Day-saving cigarettes are using vanilla cigarettes mesh
- The amount of cigarette packs and cartons you will find in wasteland is reduced. Also most of the cartons you will find have failed to survive all these years after the war, so you will only be able to save a few (up to 3) packs from these. Lucky characters will get less "bad" cartons and have more chances to save packs from those. 
- Cigarettes, cigarettes packs, and cigarette cartons, both vanilla and provided by module, now weight and cost more. A cigarette has a weight of 1.0lbs, which maybe unrealistic, but who cares. Cigarette packs are 4.0lbs, and cartons have a weight of 32.0lbs.

Smoking animation length is left unmodified: the NSC saving system is intended to be something antipodal to quicksave. Even if you have enough cigarettes in your inventory, you will probably not want to save every 5 seconds and wait until the animation passes each time. 

=== Also ==
Ladies and Gentlemen, english is not my native language, so if (actually, when) you'll find in module some text that could be improved, please let me know.

And, guys, i'm fully aware that the module can be easily cheated, but well, NetHack/Adom/whatever can be cheated too. Just don't cheat, dudes, and everyone will be happy. After all you're not downloading this mod because you want easier gameplay, right?

=== Credits ===
leon0078, Neunen and GodofAlcohol for the great smoking implementation.