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Updated end game Credits for Fallout: DUST, played upon dying or from the title menu --> Click for better description!

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Fallout: DUST Credit  Where Credit is Due

This is a total rewrite of the Credits.txt file (which resides in your Data folder) to reflect a total overhaul of New Vegas into DUST. I used the information, crew and special thanks provided on the DUST Nexus page to create proper credits for FO: DUST. No longer will you see NV credits upon dying (ironman??). Now you can breathe easy. Your total conversion is complete!

 I went all in on my total conversion of New Vegas to DUST. I MEAN I CHANGED ALMOST EVERYTHING into the awesome survival horror game DUST. Every time I died I was met with New Vegas credits, but I'm not playing New Vegas. I'm playing DUST! And I felt strongly that the credits should reflect the effort and people that created a mod that, honestly, gives me endless happiness.


To be precise:

1) This is a rewrite of the Credits.txt file. The Credits.txt file is what you see when the game ends or you click the Credits from the main menu,

2) This is a rewrite that uses the information you see on the DUST description Nexus page.

6/12/21 I'm stepping away from the Bethesda Games modding community (reasons), so this mod will no longer be supported or maintained. And is considered in its final version. Open permissions remain in effect. Thanks.