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Adds a new fully-automatic variant of the Service Rifle to the game, chambered in .308.

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*** This weapon is now also available in a Mega-Pack with my other standalone weapons ***

This mod adds a new fully automatic variant of the Service Rifle to the game that is chambered for .308. Based on the modest success of my .308 Marksman Carbine mod, I thought some classic gun enthusiasts out there might appreciate this old-school AR-10-style rifle.

I made the mesh myself using entirely base-game assets and textures. I started with the vanilla Service Rifle and extended and squared off the magazine well. I also lengthened the bolt, before widening and lengthening the magazine. I have also made two optional meshes available. The first replaces the knob-style charging handle on the bolt with a hooked charging handle inside the carry handle. The second one, in addition to the hooked charging handle, also removes the brass deflector and forward assist, to more closely mimic the AR-10 that this weapon was based on.

The weapon can be purchased from the Gun Runners, Mick's secret inventory, or found in the same loot drops as the Service Rifle. Of course, if you're feeling lazy, you can always use the following console command (Substitute ## with the number of the mod in your load order):

player.AddItem ##000ADE 1 ;Gives 1 .308 Battle Rifle

Extract all the files in the archive to your New Vegas data folder (which is the same folder where FalloutNV.esm is located) and then enable the ESP either in your mod manager of choice, or under "Data Files" in the launcher that runs when you start up New Vegas.