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Major overhaul of the Lucky 38 suite.
This suite takes one complete level of the Lucky 38 tower and it is now possible to see the sky from the windows all over the place.

Permissions and credits

This mod is no longer maintained.
Chocbar98 published a new version of the Lucky 38 Suite Reloaded with a ton of
improvements and fixes, you can grab it here


Major overhaul of the Lucky 38 suite.
This suite takes one complete level of the Lucky 38 tower and it is now possible to see the sky from the windows all over the place.

Gopher, a really good modder on nexus, have made a video of my mod. You can check it here : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I941-kwc0L8

Version 2.00 OUT ! Check information marked with "(New 2.00)" below

The suite has now 6 rooms :

- The hall (entrance)
- Common bedroom (for compagnions)
- Player bedroom
- Armory
- Kitchen
- Lounge
- Laboratory Workshop Infirmery

One door are locked in the hall, it was made on purpose for future developments.

For users from versions previous to the 2.00, before activating this mod be sure you have all your stuff back from containers in armory and infirmery.
Please also note that version 2.00 use format .Esm and .Bsa. So delete the old files before. Do not use the .Esm file with the old .Esp file !

For new users, before activating this mod it's necessary to :

- Retrieve all your belongings that remain in the suite.
- Do not be yourself in the suite.
- Bring out your companions of the suite.

Items sorter (New 2.00)

The main work for 2.00 has been to put an automatic sorter for each kind of items.
With the permission of Danthegeek, I have been able to use some meshes from his fantastic mod UHNV and adapt a few parts of his script.

Storage / Sorter :

- Weapons display
- Ammo storage shelves
- Ammo components Storage shelves
- Armors lockers
- Misc items container
- Food fridge
- Beverage fridge

Please note that corresponding storages have to be bought before use. You can find them in the upgrade store.

Armory redone (New 2.00)

In addition to items sorting and weapons display, the armory has been completly rebuilt.
At the begining, it will be not very useful but with some upgrades, it will gradually have many new features in order to store and sort all the belongings you will find in the mojave.

Infirmery addings (New 2.00)

You can now buy 3 new upgrades :

MK1 autodoc, to cut your hair or doing surgery on your face.
Meds storage shelves, to sort your meds.
Recovery chamber, to heal, remove addictions, radiation and other bad things.

Laboratory addings (New 2.00)
You can now buy an incinerator, and salvage some items to scrap metal. Please be careful with the incinerator, as the items that will be put in it will be destroyed !

Alfred, the securitron servant (New 2.00)

The second main work for the 2.00 was to add Alfred, a lot of work had to be done on it.

The main function of Alfred is to help you to sort your items (based from the very good idea of Gnubee).
Give him all sortable items, and he will go and sort it for you. You can also call him from all rooms with the interphone.
The robot are fully voiced, i used a vocal synthetiser for it, mainly because i'm too weak in english, but in my opinion that feel good for a robot.

Performance Optimization (New 2.00)

Roombound and portal has been added for all rooms.
Now, the suite are never fully rended. For exemple, if you are in the bedroom, only that room and the adjacent piece (the hall) are rended.
It's a very significant boost for the suite.

Estethic improvement (New 2.00)

Some improvment have been made to the suite, the ceiling has been redone, some rooms has been reorganized and few things has been changed/added.

The Lucky 38 upgrade store

Each room can be upgraded with new items.
You can find terminals in the suite where you can buy upgrades.
Please note that the system for upgrading the suite has been revamped for flexibility reasons and is now entirely based on terminal.


It can be used in order to teleport yourself to any places (goodsprings, novac, etc)
In order to use it at 100%, you need to craft the "teleport device" with the shematic available in the laboratory (50 in science is needed)

With the teleport device you can :

- Teleport yourself back to the house
- Set 3 customs location

To use it :

- Activate it from the pipboy and exit it, briefly after it will display the teleporter menu.
- Activate it via hotkey will start the teleportation directly.

Please note that the teleporter device needs energy to be used.
For now, the best source of energy is fission battery, you need to load one in it before use (use teleport device menu).
The teleport device can be used 4 times before the fission battery runs out. You can recharge it in the fission battery charger near the teleporter (you have to buy it first).

Fission battery Charger

With this upgrade, you can recharge all the drained fission battery in order to be able to use it again in your teleport device.

VR Pod

For now, the VR POD isn't functional, right now i don't have time to do it but i have a few ideas to make it work. Should you have further ideas, please keep me posted. I will be glad to have a little help about that matter.

Other things

I'll let you discover them !


-Fallout: New Vegas
-I advise you to install the latest patch for New Vegas, as this mod is based on it.


1. Extract the files from the archives.
2. For users from versions previous to the 2.00, this new version is in format .Esm and .Bsa. So please delete the old files and the old esp !
3. Copy the files in "Data" folder where the game is installed (Default : C:Program Files (x86)SteamSteamAppscommonfallout new vegasData)
4. Start Fallout: New Vegas Launcher, click 'Data Files', place a checkmark beside the .esm file.


1. Start Fallout: New Vegas Launcher, click Data Files, uncheck the .esm file.
2. Delete the file Lucky38Suite_Reloaded.esm and Lucky38Suite_Reloaded.bsa.


- Do not use any mod that can change something in the lucky 38 suite.

Bugs/Know Issues

-My english is terrible, i'm sorry if they are some grammar and writing mistake...
-Some items can "float in the air" after activating this mod, just move them with grab key.
-Sometimes, Alfred can keep items when sorting in his inventory, you can check his inventory by ask him to "sort items i give you"
-NPC can stand somewhere and do nothing.


2.00 25/04/2011 - Lot of new things : Items sortings, Securitron servant, redone armory, performance optimization, i'm lazy to enumerate all.
1.11 13/03/2011 - Fix the "floating white shelf" near the staircase (latest patch addition)
1.10 06/03/2011 - Improve the pool, added blue light and better transparency. Add player bed style selection.
1.01 06/03/2011 - Fix the missing sound for the teleportation
1.00 05/03/2011 - Initial Release

Future Possibilities

- "Ready bag" system with Alfred
- See the land from the windows
- Water purifier
- Functional VR Pod
- Sytem for control all radios
- If you have any ideas, please feel free to keep me posted via commentary or PM.


Thanks to Bethesda and Obsidian for creating Fallout: New Vegas.

Many Thanks to Danthegeek, for let me use some parts of his UHNV mod
Thanks to odin_ml for the Animated Light Switch model
Thanks to David Whitefang for the grand piano model and HugePinball for convert it to Fo3.
Thanks to Malo and Kalten1979 for the aquarium ressource
Thanks to Coneman for the working toilets models
Thanks to Hengebobs for the shower and bathtub model from STmoddersResources

Special thanks to my wife, for her patience, and because she suffered a lot of my absence during my work on this mod :) (indeed, I spent a couple of weeks working on it!)

Tools Used



You are not able to dispatch redistribute this mod without my approval, but if you want to improve this suite, feel free to develop mods based on this one.
If you have any demands/questions, do not hesitate to PM me on the New Vegas Nexus .