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Distributes the effect from the Living Anatomy perk to see the target's HP and DT, so that specific perks grant this bonus only against specific enemies.
Or, just take the Here and Now perk...

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Anatomic Perks

you can't spell "anatomic" without "atomic"...

The Living Anatomy perk grants the player an effect to see any and all target's HP and DT next to their health bars, when it appears onscreen. Issues with the feature aside, it kinda grated me that this works for ALL kinds of enemies, despite Living Anatomy being a Medicine perk and its other effect being a minor damage bonus against humans. So with a minor in anatomy, apparently you also become able to tell a robot's weak spots.

I suppose it's still balanced, since otherwise the perk wouldn't have much going for it. But if you think like me, here I've provided a system to recognize what kind of enemy's health bar is in sight, and specified certain perks to be able to trigger the HP and DT scan depending on that:
  • Living Anatomy now only allows you to see the HP and DT of humans and non-feral ghouls. But its damage bonus against them is upped to 10%, and it also increases HP recovered when you heal by 10%.
  • Robotics Expert allows you to see the HP and DT of robots. It now also utilizes a form list for robots that should be immune to shutdown attempts, PerkRoboticsExpertExclude, if you're interested.
  • Entomologist had its description fixed BECAUSE FOR STARTERS, SCORPIONS ARE NOT FRIGGIN "INSECTS", PEOPLE... sorry, I flipped out for a sec there... it allows you to see the HP and DT of... erm... arthropods, and its requirements were changed: from 45 Survival AND 4 INT, to 45 Survival OR 40 Science. Because Entomology is about Science, not cooking (yet).
  • Hunter allows you to see the Hp and Dt of all kinds of... featherless birds, yeah, that'll work shut up Diogenes. A patch is provided for the bear traps in this other mod of mine, so that Hunter can also keep the bear trap knockdown feature. Load after both these mods if you want to use it.
  • Purifier allows you to see the hP and dT of all kinds of Abominations, Feral Ghouls and Super Mutants. It now has an 8 Strength requirement, because you have to admit feeling capable of mowing down a Deathclaw in melee requires some stronkness.

And that covers all enemy classes in the game. There is, however, one final option to kinda forget about this: the Here and Now perk, which I've struggled to justify ever using it in my playthroughs, now allows to see the Hp and dT of all enemies, like Living Anatomy did. It also gives the whole amount of experience to clear your current level, instead of only what it takes to reach the next one, so you are assured to not receive less than maximum experience for having advanced to the next level with any experience "overflow". It now requires an 8 in Perception OR the Educated perk.
So, if you're only interested in the "enemy scan" feature against everything, Here and Now can be a good choice, while the other specific perks should grant more useful combat bonuses against specific enemy types as well.

Conflicts with other mods altering the listed perks. YMMV, lrn2use FNVEdit and waste your own time.

Hope you find it good enough. Feel free to make improvement suggestions, and enjoy.