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Adds a two (short) new quests for mid-level characters (Level 12 to 16) and a merchant to the Vegas area. Fully voiced.

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 Please note that this is my first ever mod, and first time using the G.E.C.K. 36 hours later, this mod was born.
With that in mind, Freedom Isn't Free is a short (30 minutes or so) mod aimed at low or mid game characters in the Vegas area. A level 12 to 16 character will be well matched; a level 30 killing machine with multiple companions will stomp over the enemies and skill checks easily. The quests are given by a character named Roland, who is located in at his desk in the Aerotech Office Buildings courtyard. Simply walk up to him to start Freedom Isn't Free, and talk to him after that quest is over to begin Manifest Merchantry. Both quests are fully voiced and have a half dozen notes worth of believable lore.

Requirements -
Lonesome Road

Quests -
Freedom Isn't Free: Help Roland find and kill an NCR deserter and his gang.
Manifest Merchantry: Help Roland appease a disgruntled merchant.

Credits - 
NigerianRobert: Roland
SpaxThePacifist: Homer

Well, that about does it. Please post any issues or comments, I'll probably become obsessed with them.