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This mod let's you continue increasing your SPECIAL stats, skills and level past their normal limits.

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Are you annoyed by the fact that you cannot increase your SPECIAL stats and skills past 10, respectively 100 points? Are you tired of your casual friend bragging about their level 50 character with maxed out stats with a playtime of less than 40 hours while your character with over 9000 hours of playtime has the same stats as him? Don't you hate it when you loose the sense of progression once you reach the stats' limits?

Well, you don't have to worry about these problems anymore. With this mod you can now continue improving your character past the normal SPECIAL, skill and level caps.

The max level is calculated only once per game session, when starting the game. It depends on the following game settings: iXPBase and iXPBumpBase. With vanilla settings, the max level is capped at 5351. The bigger the value of these two settings, the lower the max level. The reason for this is because I used the formula from the GECK wiki: n = (n - 1) * ((n - 2) / 2 * iXPBumpBase + iXPBase), where n is the level. The max amount of XP the engine allows you to have is an int32 number, hence the 5351 cap.

Remember, the calculated max level may be overwritten by other mods such as PN's Rebalance Module. If it does, then you will have to edit said mods yourself if you want to keep the uncapped level provided by Limitless Stats or try toggling the "Uncapped Level" MCM option to OFF and then ON again.

Recently it has been discovered that when you level up past 99, the game would crash. This has been fixed in version 1.2 where an anti-crash messagebox appears everytime you level up beyond 99. This might get annoying after a while, but it's the only way to keep a CTD-free level progression.

When a SPECIAL stat is increased past 10, a new perk associated with that stat is automatically unlocked, whose bonuses are raised based on how many points you spend in that specific stat. Also, the Intense Training perk can be taken for an unlimited amount of times.

Note: The Vigor Tester machine won't allow you to raise your SPECIAL's above 10. This kind of menu is hardcoded and there is nothing that I can do about that.

Here is the list of the new perks and their details for every SPECIAL stat:

Strength: "Hercules"
From 11 Strength and onwards, each added point in Strength will increase your Melee Weapons skill by 5 points and Carry Weight by 3.

Perception: "Eagle-eyed"
From 11 Perception and onwards, each added point in Perception will increase your Energy Weapons, Explosives and Lockpick skills by 4 points.

Endurance: "Able-bodied"
From 11 Endurance and onwards, each added point in Endurance will increase your DT by 1, Radiation Resistance as well as Poison Resistance by 2%, up to 85% and decrease the Addiction Chance by 1%, down to a minimum of 5%.

Charisma: "Charismatic Persona"
From 11 Charisma and onwards, each added point in Charisma will increase your Barter and Speech skills by 8 points.

Intelligence: "Walking Encyclopedia"
From 11 Intelligence and onwards, each added point in Intelligence will increase your Medicine, Repair and Science skills by 3 points and boost the amount of XP you earn by 2%.

Agility: "Man of Action"
From 11 Agility and onwards, each added point in Agility will increase your Reloading, Equipping and Unequipping speed by 1% and decrease the likelihood of enemies scoring a critical hit on you by 1%, down to a minimum of 1%.

Luck: "Gleam of Fortune"
From 11 Luck and onwards, each added point in Luck will increase all of your skills by 2 points.

Skills can now be increased beyond 100. Like SPECIAL stats, once you go past the normal limit, a new perk is unlocked. Here are the perks for every skill:

Barter: "Deft Negotiator"
From 101 Barter and onwards, for every 10 points added in Barter, you get an additional XP point for every 25 caps in any performed transaction. NOTE: The XP bonus is given only once every three days.

"Three days" means iHoursToCellRespawn / 24. For those who don't know, this game setting represents the hours until the next cell respawn. It is 72 by default.

Energy Weapons: "Dissolving Manners"
From 101 Energy Weapons and onwards, for every 10 points added in Energy Weapons, you deal an additional point of damage with energy weapons.

Explosives: "Fireworks Artist"
From 101 Explosives and onwards, for every 5 points added in Explosives, you deal an additional point of damage with explosive weapons. For every 10 points, the velocity of thrown bombs and the explosion's area of effect are increased by 1%, up to 300% respectively 200%.

Guns: "Arms Devotion"
From 101 Guns and onwards, for every 10 points added in Guns, you deal an additional point of damage with guns.

Lockpick: "Locks' Bane"
From 101 Lockpick and onwards, every 10 points added in Lockpick will reward you with one XP point after every successful lockpicking attempt and increase the chance of items inside the lockpicked container to be duplicated.

Medicine: "Renowned Surgeon"
From 101 Medicine and onwards, every 10 points added in Medicine makes any chems you take last 1% longer.

Melee Weapons: "Conan the Butcher"
From 101 Melee Weapons and onwards, every 10 points added in Melee Weapons increases the damage with melee weapons by 1.

Repair: "Rig Machinist"
From 101 Repair and onwards, every 10 points added in Repair decreases the equipment degradation rate and increases the chance of recovering cases and hulls by 1%.

Science: "Chief Researcher"
From 101 Science and onwards, every 10 points added in Science increases the damage against robot enemies by 1 and the chance to recover drained cells when you use Energy Weapons by 1%.

Sneak: "Silent Assassin"
From 101 Sneak and onwards, every 10 points added in Sneak increases the critical damage done when in hidden mode and the damage with silenced weapons by 1.

Speech: "Entincing Persuader"
From 101 Speech and onwards, any speech option associated with a non-Speech skill can become passable if your Speech skill is 100 points higher than the skill points required for the aforementioned speech option. At 201 Speech and beyond, for every added point in Speech you get 5 additional XP points for every successful speech check.

Example: You see a speech check that requires you to have at least 75 Medicine in order to be able to pass it. If your Speech is at least 175, then it becomes passable. There are two screenshots in the "Images" tab that show this perk in action.

Survival: "Wasteland Huntsman"
From 101 Survival and onwards, every 5 points added in Survival increases the damage against animals and bugs by 1 and your DT against their attacks by 0.5.

Unarmed: "Mortal Fists"
From 101 Unarmed and onwards, every 10 points added in Unarmed increases the damage with unarmed weapons by 1.

Installing this mod should not take more than 5 seconds: just drag the .esp file into your Data folder. Activating this mod in the middle of the playthrough is perfectly safe.

Uninstalling is done by doing the opposite of above. The bonus effects/perks granted by the mod(if any) will be automatically removed from your savefile upon uninstallation. Therefore, this mod is perfectly safe to uninstall mid-playthrough.

No vanilla entries have been modified in this mod.

Here are some possible incompatibilities: Delay Level Up(not tested).
Incompatibilities confirmed by others: Practice Makes Perfect(by Abbus).

NVSE 5.14+
JIP LN NVSE 53.60+

miguick - informed me about the undocumented GetPerkModifier, a necessary function for fixing the skill points per level bug when all of them are at 100
DoctaSax - for their extremely useful MCM templates
Ladez - by taking a look at their code from Delay Level Up, I could implement the "Perks Per Level" MCM option