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Do you miss The Elder Scrolls' skills leveling system?
Ever wondered why shooting Super Mutants should make you better in Science?
Then this mod is for you.

Permissions and credits
Link to Practice Makes Perfect for Fallout 3: http://fallout3.nexusmods.com/downloads/file.php?id=17398

Link to the russian translation of Practice Makes Perfect for New Vegas: http://falcon-lair.com/files/file/652-praktika-rozhdaet-sovershenstvo-practice-makes-perfect-nv/
(Sadly, personally I don't know anything about the russian language; this translation was done by magnumspec from Falcon-Lair.com)

Update 5/02/2015 -  Warning: this mod is no longer maintained.
It may still work, but I can't say that for sure, and neither I can help
you if you get problems with it, as I barely remember its code after
more than a year of not looking at it.

Name: Practice Makes Perfect
Version: 2.09
Date: 27/11/2013
Category: Realism
Requirements: NVSE
Author: Uoud

From version 2.00 onward, Practice Makes Perfect is no longer compatible with the 1.xx versions of itself.
To upgrade from any of the 1.xx , disable the mod through its own menu, save the game, then uninstall the mod, then load the savegame you just created and save again. Then, you can install the newest version of the mod.

Usually, it is a good idea to wait for after the Tutorial section of the game before enabling any of this mod's features.

You may notice a fake XP gain whenever you level-up or load a game: this is normal, it's just the mod trying to detect XP-altering perks - even those added by other mods.

This mod is best used in conjunction with The Mod Configuration Menu

Do I need any DLC?
No, DLCs are not required, but the script can use their content if you have any installed.

What does this mod do?
Depends on what features did you enable and how did you set them.
Every feature starts out disabled by default.

This mod is highy customizable; for ease of use, it is possible to enable the default settings through Practice Makes Perfect's menu, by getting and using the Default Settings Enabler.

These "default settings" consist in all the features being enabled.

It is possible to customize these "default settings" by using the GECK: just load "PracticeMakesPerfect.esp" in the GECK, then follow Gameplay -> Edit Scripts -> Script -> Open

Then, select aaaPMP2enablerScript from the list and follow the instructions there.

Ok, but what are these features?
All the features can be enabled independently from the others except Extended Skills, which needs the core Practice Makes Perfect to be enabled.
At the moment, there are four of them:

-Practice Makes Perfect
This feature is what makes it possible to level up through the actual use of the skills you are going to improve, like in the games of The Elder Scrolls series (Skyrim, Oblivion, Morrowind...).

It is possible to set each skill progression, to make their setting automatic, to bind your level advancement to XP gained or to disable the XP system and get levels based on your skill advancements, or to use an hybrid system instead.

After enabling this feature you will still get the Level-Up dialogs, but you will not be able to use skill points.

Anything else is left untouched: Perks, derived stats, et cetera, everything remains as usual.

You can verify if one action is taken into account by simply opening the Stats Menu of this mod, which can be hotkeyed for easier use through the mod's menu, and checking if any of your skill is increasing; in that menu, partial skill advancements are shown.

Suggested settings for skill advancements:

Destynova99 wrote:
The default setting of 10 to all skills, no adjustments to the rest, and the throttle set to 6000 seconds works well also. Maybe even better than 20 to all skills since skills that get practiced up a lot will only drop to -9 instead of -19. So my recommendation is either: A) Leave the skill settings at default and set your throttle to 6000 seconds or B) Adjust individual skills to your preference (setting skills that won't get much practice to higher levels than ones that will get practiced a lot like your primary weapon skill and barter and repair) and leave the throttle off. I'd say 0-10 for skills you use regularly, 10-20 for skills you use uncommonly and 20-30 for skills you rarely use. There's no point in using both since the throttle readjusts the individual skill settings based on what's gaining skill points and what isn't. The first option is both the easiest and most self-balancing in my opinion. The only thing is a skill has to receive SOME experience before the throttle starts adjusting it. So if you never use your fists than unarmed will be left alone by the throttle. But then... you're never using your fists so why do you care? ;-)

-Extended Skills
Like the name says, this features extends the vanilla combat skills:
  • Small Guns / Energy Weapons:------6 possible types: Pistols, Rifles, Shotguns/Multi Beam Weapons, Heavy Weapons, Launchers or Flamers------2 possible techs: Guns or Energy Weapons------Scoped or Non Scoped------Automatic or Non Automatic
  • Explosives:------2 possible types: Grenades and Mines
  • Melee Weapons:------3 possible types: One Handed, Two Handed or Thrown Weapons------Automatic or Non Automatic
  • Unarmed------2 possible types: Boxing or Unarmed Weapons
Each of the sub-categories have its own level, and 1 of each line concurs in the "final" skill you will have with a certain weapon.Example: the final skill for Laser Rifles will be the mean of your Rifles skill, Energy Weapons skill, Non Scoped skill, and Non Automatic skill.This applies to every weapon, even mod-added ones, since they're detected through dedicated scripting.
For this reason though, some weapons can use counter-intuitive levels... anyway, their use will still improve these same skills.

-Leveled Lists - BeGone!
I'll admit I never liked systems where everything in the world gets harded and stronger the stroger your character gets.
To counter this, just enable this feature: it will fake player's level to a fixed customizable value, thus fooling the game into stopping leveling everything with you.

-Trainers of the Wasteland
This feature lets you get training from every NPC you can talk to, based on either their own skill levels or their faction (or both, if you set it so) and for a fully customizable fee.

Is there any mod incompatibility?
None I'm aware of at the moment.
If you happen to find one, please post in the mod's comments section of the Nexus and I'll do my best to check and fix it as soon as I read your message.
Just please, afer that check that section from time to time; I may have not been able to reproduce the bug, and/or may need more info to track it down.

This mod has been written, tested and re-written with Project Nevada installed, and is probably more compatible with it than with vanilla Fallout.

This mod used to be incompatible with XFO NV's "Two Perks per Level" by Xodarap777; as of version 2.00 this is no longer true.
Anyway, if you want to use it, there is a modified esp in Practice Makes Perfect's page on the Nexus better suited to work alongside Practice Makes Perfect.

Are you referring to the "Optional files" section?
Exactly. At the moment, there are three files:
"SPECIAL Level Up by jahmon808 - better suited for PMP" is a modified and customizable version of SPECIAL Level Up by jahmon808, designed to better work alongside Practice Makes Perfect but that can also be used alone;

"Two perks per level by Xodarap777 - better suited for PMP" is a modified and customizable version of XFO's Two perks per level by Xodarap777, designed to better work alongside Practice Makes Perfect but that can also be used alone; this file also includes the option to "store" perk selection screens at level up, thus skipping them and allowing the player to choose perks at another time. Just install the file and activate it, then load the game and follow the instructions to set the mod - setting it to give 1 perk per level will enable just the "storage" system. Then, when you level up, you'll find at the top of the list a perk named "Choose later"; choosing this will give you a consumable item that, if eaten, will fake a level up and prompt the Perk Selection menu again. The perk "Choose later" can be selected more than once, without limits;

"PMP Rogue Items" adds 4 "levels" of "Lock adapters" and "Hack enhancers" that can be used to lockpick locks and hack terminals you don't have the required skill for.
The numbers beside their names are the "difficulty" levels that the item can help overcome; for example, if you could normally hack terminals up to the "easy" difficulty, the "Hack enhancer 2" lets you hack up to "hard" difficulty terminals.
Having an item with an higher number than the one required will still let you use it; if you have more than one item with an high enough number, only the one with the lowest allowed number will be used.
To use them, just point the crosshair to a terminal or lock too hard for you; after a brief delay, you should get a message confermng that the item is ready for use. Opening the PipBoy unsets the items, and you'll have to wait again for them to be ready.
These items will break and be removed after being used for a successful lockpick or terminal hack.
They can all be bought from Chet in Goodsprings, who gets daily a random number of them to sell.

Alright, I'll give it a chance... how do I install this mod?
Use FoMM or extract "PracticeMakesPerfect.esp" into your Fallout "Data" folder and activate it.

And if I want to uninstall it?
Disable every feature in-game, then save, then use FOMM again or delete "PracticeMakesPerfect.esp" from your Fallout "Data" folder.

Can I edit or upload this mod anywhere else?
Feel free to modify, expand, use and release the scripts included in this mod as you see fit.

By the way, while we're at legal stuff: I decline any responsibility for any damage should this mod do.

It should be safe to use, but in case your PC melts or Martians get pissed at us and decide to invade Earth while you're using Practice Makes Perfect or any of its features, that's not my fault ;p

Known Issues (if possible will be fixed in the next version)
  • Grenade hotkeys throw grenades whose usage is not detected. Possible fix: reverse the checking process, by first checking what's equipped and then looking for the throw
  • It has been reported that, in some unknown occasions, the detection script for Melee, Energy Weapons, Guns, Unarmed and parts of other skills crashes and gets disabled by New Vegas, permanently in that savegame and in any game loaded after it until the game is restarted.As a temporary workaround, reinstalling Practice Makes Perfect can restore the bugged savegame, at least until the script crashes again:1. Load the "faulty" savegame2. Disable PMP in-game3. Save in a new slot4. Quit the game5. Remove PMP from your load order6. Start New Vegas7. Load the savegame just created8. Save again, in the same slot9. Quit the game again10. Put PMP back in your load order11. Start New Vegas again12. Load the just created savegame again13. Re-activate PMP as it was
Notes on the issues:
SofiaValika wrote:
I've come across one thing that makes the scripts crash: The Riot Shotgun.

I've played for a few dozen hours without any hiccup, then I pick up a Riot Shotgun from a White Leg in Zion, and the weapon skills don't progress anymore.
I reinstall the mod, everything works fine for a few minutes, until I re-equip the Riot Shotgun and kill stuff with it, my weapon skills don't progress anymore... :sad:

I don't know what's the big deal wit that Riot Shotgun, but for some reason the scripts don't like it. It also makes the "Realistic Reloading" mod stop working.

Unless it's the Recharger Pistol which I picked up around in Zion, but that doesn't makes sense since PMP worked fine with the Recharger Rifle...

That, or the scripts don't like Zion, but my bet's on the Riot Shotgun. Those are the only three factors common in the 2 scripts crashes I had.
Alright, I went back to my game, loading an earlier save, avoiding both the Recharger Pistol and the Riot Shotgun, and it seems the scripts hate the Zion Valley from Honest Hearts.
Update on the issue: for me, now I just have to save, quit and reload the game to get the scripts working for a few minutes... As an aside, maybe it is related, but the game can't seem to remember my favorite ammo and which gun I used, since it goes back to standard ammo and the gun in the worse condition on a loading.

GECK; without that website, probably I would never have been able to make this mod.

Cipscis' Script Validator

I do not know of any mod that does something similar to this.

Thanks to everyone who posted in the nexus comments' threads, for their kind words, bug hunting and precious suggestions!
Special thanks for their ideas, which have been included in this mod version
  • KzxStealthy (pop-up when a skill increases)
  • SilverNirvash (extended combat skills)
  • Scorpial (customizable leveling speed, customizable avancement speed of each indivudual skill)
  • Jeoshua (optional, hybrid skill progression)
  • Keleigh3000 (optional, skill progression bound to the skills' associated SPECIAL stat)
  • Yuiopdude (optional, partially reenable the XP system while keeping the skill-progression-through-practice system)
  • mikeboydus (optional, NPCs can train the player... for a price)
  • Misterhamper (optionally, training can be bound to NPCs' faction; optional, hybrid level advancement bound to both skill progression and experience points gained)
Thanks to Keleigh3000, Misterhamper, Scorpial and Shantih for actually choosing who should teach what in "Trainers in the Wasteland".Thanks to Destynova99 for trying to find a balance in this mod's settings.Changelogversion 2.09
  • Fixed a bug in Survival's time-based advancement.

version 2.08
  • The mod's own non-MCM stats menu now contains indication of how to advance each skill.

version 2.07
  • The silent XP-altering perks detection works only if the player is at least level 3. Thus, at levels 1 and 2 it is not silent anymore.
  • The modified Two Perks Per Level file has been updated to v5 to account for a similar issue.
version 2.06
  • XP-altering perks detection is now silent.
  • The modified Two Perks Per Level file now includes the option to select perks later.
version 2.05
  • Slightly changed the way XP is handled.
  • Shortened the name of Extended Skills' effect.
  • Fixed an issue with MCM descriptions.
  • Fixed an issue with Sierra Madre's Vending Machines.
version 2.04
  • Changed the priority of the perk Educated, hoping it will no longer overwrite PMP's attempt to set skill points gained at level up to 0.
  • Changed the suggested settings for Skill Rates Throttle.
version 2.03
  • Bugfix: the formula for the XP to be given when re-enabling the XP system was wrong.
  • The MCM menu now also shows the PMP player stats hotkey's key and not only its ScanCode.
version 2.02
  • Bugfix: the texts in the MCM version of the menu for level advancement options were mismatched when trying to modify the option.
  • Lockpick Failures are now taken into account and give half of the Lockpick experience that a Lockpick Success would give; this does not alter the Lockpick experience got if the lock is successfully unlocked afterwards.
version 2.01
  • Fixed an oversight that could make the main script temporarily disabled.
  • Bugfix: the section for Trainers of the Wasteland in the MCM version of the menu was not working.
  • Reworked Skill Rates Throttle.
version 2.00
  • The mod has been completely rewritten, for improved stability and performance.
  • New feature: Skill Rates Throttle: if enabled, this option lets the mod adjust each skill gaining rate based on how fast is that skill increasing.
version 1.18
  • It is now possible to batch enable the default settings.

version 1.17fix
  • Bugfix for Trainers in the Wasteland: Science could not be actually teached.

version 1.17
  • Extended Skills: now Boxing changes the effectiveness and speed of bare fists.
  • Bugfix for Leveled Lists BeGone: fixed an issue with XP system and faking low player levels.
version 1.16fix3
  • Bugfix: the perk recognition system could cause a levelup if it detected XP-enhancing perks.

version 1.16fix2
  • Slightly lighter and more stable script.

version 1.16fix
  • Scripts changed to prevent them from crashing.

version 1.16
  • The DLC patches are now obsolete, and no longer needed for PMP to take into account content from New Vegas' DLCs.
  • Perks altering XP gaining are now automatically detected, even if mod-added.
  • Slightly changed the way tagged skills and Educated are implemented.
  • Extended Skills pacing now depends also on their related skills' settings.
  • Trainers in the Wasteland: it is now optionally possible to have a preview of how much training will cost.
version 1.15fix
  • Bugfix: crafting some of the hi-tech ammo types gave Repair experience instead of Science.
version 1.15
  • Skipping conversations now rewards some Speech experience.
  • Bugfix: Speech Successes and Speech Failures no longer give negligible Speech experience.
version 1.14
  • More informative MCM menu.

version 1.13
  • Faster Sneak advancement and events recognition.
  • New feature: optional, hybrid level advancement.
  • New feature: optionally, the inventory menu can be made visible from the MCM menu.
  • Bugfix: the feature "Leveled Lists - Begone" didn't work properly with the core PMP mod disabled.
  • Bugfix: Doctor Bags' usage should now be better recognized.
  • Other minor bugfixes.
version 1.12fix
  • Bugfix: now Super Mutants should teach in "Trainers in the Wasteland"... if you find those who actually start a conversation with the player.
  • Bugfix: in "Extended Skills", Launchers usage wasn't correctly detected.
version 1.12
  • Feature "Trainers in the Wasteland": now training can now be optionally bound to NPCs' faction.
version 1.11
  • New feature: optionally, NPCs can train the player... for a price.
  • Bugfix: MCM sub-menus could load incorrectly.
version 1.10fix3
  • The three menus for "The Mod Configuration Menu" are now unified.
  • Shortened the MCM menu entries for the hybrid PMP/XP system option and for the LLBG level setting option.
  • Bugfix: the MCM option for the hybrid PMP/XP system now updates correctly.
version 1.10fix2
  • Added compatibility for "The Mod Configuration Menu".
  • Repair Kits are now detected through scripting, to enhance compatibility.
  • Bugfix: the new "hybrid" option could set payer's XP to 0 when disabling the core Practice Makes Perfect.
version 1.10
  • Bugfix: item crafting now contribute to the advancement of the correct skill.
  • It is now possible to set each skill progression rate individually.
  • Harvesting now gives Survival experience.
  • Using Repair Kits now rewards Repair experience.
  • New option: it is now possible to have both the XP system and the skill-progression-through-practice system.
version 1.9
  • Bugfix: sometimes, activating the mod would set player's level to the maximum value.
  • Feature "Extended Skills": added the Flamers sub-class.
  • Added the option to make skill progression dependent on each skill's associated SPECIAL stat instead of Intelligence.
  • Added the option to bind skill progression to both player's level and player's skill points.
  • Tagged skills and the perks "Educated" and "Swift Learner" are now taken into account for skill advancement.
version 1.8
  • Feature "Extended Skills" no longer makes skill books (or similar objects) useless.
  • Bugfix: a portion of the script that manages Repair and Survival wasn't correctly written.
  • Player's level advancement speed is now customizable.
  • Bartering extremely high-value items now doesn't reward too much Berter experience.
  • Having items repaired now rewards less experience.
  • Stimpacks and Rad-away no longer contribute to the Medicine skill.
  • Discovering locations and passed in-game days now reward Survival experience.
  • Reading books now counts toward player's level advancement.
  • The in-game menu should now be easier to use.
version 1.7
  • Maxed skills now count toward player's level advancement.
  • Player's level advancement is now bound to player's Intelligence.
  • Changed how the script handles player's experience when disabling or restarting the mod.
version 1.6fixed
  • No, it wasn't better... but hopefully this new skill tracking system is.
version 1.6
  • Switched the skill tracking system to one hopefully better.
version 1.5beta
  • Bugfix: the feature "Leveled Lists - Begone" didn't reset itself properly.
  • Feature "Extended Skills": Big Guns, Explosives, Melee Weapons and Unarmed are extended too.
  • Repair skill now gives a little bonus to Lockpick.
version 1.4beta3
  • Bugfix: incomplete script line for the feature "Extended Skills".
version 1.4beta2
  • Bugfix: levelup after VATS.
  • Hopefully better Science, Speech, Repair and Sneak skill advancement.
version 1.4beta
  • Barter is now based upon the actual value of the items you sell or buy.
  • New feature: optionally, Small Guns and Energy Weapons can be extended.
  • Bugfix for the repair menu.
version 1.3beta
  • New feature: optionally, sets world's level to a fixed value, so that you face always the same world.
  • New option: skill advancement optionally bound to skill level instead of player level.
  • Bugfix.
version 1.2
  • Polished and improved script.
  • Expanded "cheat" menu (it's now possible to reduce your skill level).
  • Customizable skill cap.
  • "Fallout3.esm" is no longer a required master file.
version 1.1
  • Various bugfixes.
  • Expanded in-game menu.
  • New feature: option to make the game report when a skill has increased.
  • New feature: disable/re-enable mod option.
  • New feature: customizable level cap (which unifies the "Broken Steel" and "vanilla" versions of this mod).
version 1.0
  • Mod released.