Fallout New Vegas
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It's a plasma... shotgun... thing.

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A pump-action plasma shotgun that uses microfusion cells. Basically does what it says on the tin.

Also has custom firing sounds and a little pip-boy icon, 'cause why not?


Can be crafted at a workbench with a Repair skill of 65, a hunting shotgun, a plasma rifle, and some miscellaneous parts.

Also located in a miniature steamer trunk next to Doc Mitchell's back door, because it's not like he has enough guns lying around his house already :D

Orginally made this because of a request from another Nexus user, but decided to actually make it look and sound good instead of making another bland, generic weapon mod.

And yes, I KNOW that it's based on a grenade launcher, not a hunting shotgun. It would have looked very odd to have it loading and ejecting microfusion cells otherwise (took some cues from Dead Money's holorifle).


CrusaderTheFirst for original suggestion and idea.