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Changes ALL the 8 Pre-War Books into old Antique books of yesteryear. As well as the 8 Damaged books too all off them.

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These are new textures, for all the books, there are 8 Pre War Books, and 8 Damaged ones Ie: Damaged, Burned, Scorched, Ruined, 1 Large and 1 Small each of them.
Yes It does have new meshes because I created BACKS for the books as well, instead of using the front as the back Made it look ugly.
And yes I didnt  didnt want to make 1k textures for each individual book and have multiple files floating all over the place. SO it is 1 grouped texture for all 8 of the prewar, and 1 grouped for the damaged.
Cause I would have to make 1 individual texture file for each mesh? I think not that is 16 .dds texure files oh heck no.
Although, at 2k the books are at 512x512(still bigger than the 256x256), they are still really highly detailed. They should be quite enjoyable that is for sure.
I used books that everyone should know from their span of life in life for the Pre war books.
The Damaged books are just that damaged... Tried to keep them as they are called as much as possible A scorched book looks scorched, BUrned looks burned, Damages is just damages, and Ruined Just looks ruined.
As much as I can anyways.


None. Since I don't think most of the factions can really read in the Mojave, barring doctors, and people of that nature. 


None... As far as I know, since they are just books.


Non ugly looking re-texture of the original?


Just FONV.


These I dont think were even touched by KiCh's collision meshe fixes, so you shoudl be safe.
If anything, just put this last in yoru load order and you should be fine.


Install like you normally would any texture mod.  If mine doesnt show up put mine at the end of your loadorder or after whatever it is that is taking precident.

TO UNINSTALL or, Ugh! I hate this mod, how do I get it out of my game?:

Delete the files from your Data folder, that you just put in there, and you're good to go. Have fun!


(These are mods I highly recommend for both their quality and because I believe they complement gameplay with anything...that I have in my game. 

Repairs and Fixes:

- 4GB Fallout New Vegas / And LAA Version of it  by MonochromeWench - Hendricks266 - Roy Batty / by carinth01 - A very big sanity saver for me. Highly recommended. LAA did something else with the 4gb and it is even smoother.
- New Vegas Stutter Remover by Macintroll - Another sanity saver. I very much dislike lagging, stuttering, slow downs, uneven performance, etc.
- Zan AutoPurge Crash Protector by ZanGS - Helps out a lot on the CTD's in a major way!
- Performance Of The Gods by SkyRanger-1 - Gets rid of non-modded INT/EXT static trash on the ground. Improves performace, & finding caps! 
- Better Game Performance V5 by Falloutperson416 - Makes the game run smoother and cleaner without all the non essential baggage. 
- Collision Meshes by MadAce - Fixes A LOT of meshes inthe game that either made the parts of the game not useable, or items weird and wonky.
- DarNified UI NV by DarN - The Best Font interface to fit everything on screen. If you dont use it you are well.Best way to say it, a/an <insert word>.
- oHUD by Gopher - A major thing that is needed by almost all Mods now! 
- UIO: User Interface Organizer by jazzisparis - Another Thing that Mods use now if you want to keep downloading mods from ppl! 
- The Mod Configuration Menu by Pelinor - If you want to Have the configurations for alot of mods being made now, this is a MUST! 


- Wasteland Clothing hires Re-Textures by macintroll - This paired along with the below...It is a neccessity vs a recco it really is. 
- Type 3M Clothing by HAK07 - The female design of the Clothing, absolutly genius! They are sexy, but not resque, and beautiful!  
- Willow - A Better Companion Experience by llamaRCA - I do not ever make a char/profile without her, I just can't. NV is not the same without her. 
- Vanessa by GePalladium - (I call her Nessa) Same as with Willow, and they don't fight with each other(take it how you will, in game or mods wise).
- Glowing Star Bottle Cap by RetupmocSoft - It is a necc. thing, I cant find them without it... nor do I remember to even look for them unless I have this. 
- GARU, Infinite ammo for your companions by HellKnight - Companions Actually have Infinite ammo that YOU CHOOSE for any weapon! Even for Compantion Mod like Willow and Nessa!  
- SSS Ultimate Old Western UI Sound Overhaul (2017 Update) by SunnyDelight - this is actually the only sound pack i have ever used that actually is worth it to be in my stock list of base game play... 
                                                                                                                      it is extreeeeeeemly recommended that you use this instead of the vanilla sounds by me!
Major Mods:

After you are done doing a playthrough of Vanilla perse...
Fallout Days Of Chaos by Azrael831 - A Major overhaul of the wasteland, 2 years after the Courier dying, yes the courier never lived, this is how it turned out!    


- Worn N Damaged Pipboy 2500
- Bobby Pin Re-Texture
- 20G Ammo Box Re-Texture
- 12.7MM Ammo Box Re-Texture
- 45-70 Ammo Box Re-Texture
- .22 Ammo Box Re-Texture
- .308 Ammo Box Re-Texture
- .357 Ammo Box Re-Texture
- BB Ammo Can Re-Texture
- Euclids Ammo Rod Re-Texture
- Festus Rebuild and Re-Texture
- Radscorpion Re-Texture
- RadRoach Re-Texture
- Shotgun Shell N Box Re-Texture
- Engine Block OverHaul
- High Resolution Buffalo Gourd Seed
- Better Looking Broc Plant N Flowers
- WAY Better looking White Horsenettle
- Better Looking Xander Root
- Smallest High Resolution Pinyon Seeds
- Higher Res Duct Tape
- Higher Resolution Scrap Electronics
- New High Resolution .38 Cal Box
- HQ Shopping Grocery Cart

- My Rendtion of Metal Combat Armor

MOD Packs by ME!:

- Alcohol Re-Texture Pack
- AmmoBox-Grenade-Mine Re-Textures
- Food N Misc Stuff Retextures....
- Chem Re-Texture

MOD Resources by ME!:

- The Lost Pool Balls


Credit to the Orginal Picture take Keith for taking really good Pictures of these books!


SunnyDelight For She tested these and took the awesome pictures above!

Thanks to My Wife (She was my sanity in all of this, and she did keep me going.)

Thanks to Bethesda/Obsidian for making/putting out Fallout new Vegas!  For what it is worth... since they were too lazy to make .38 Ammo NIF at least.


GIMP v2.8.16
NifSkope v2.0


I MIGHT do requests(Or Coerced to), if asked politely.
Just leave em in a post on here (they dont always show up mind you).... 
Or PM me for more instant asking...
OR On Discord: @Cyrus#8418 For immediate answer...any of em or all 3...... 
I do answer my PM's :)


Shoot me a PM please... I think I have always said yes to anyone who has asked.
The reason why to shoot me PM is because if there was a problem in a version an Iam trying to work on it.
This informs me who is using so i can tell them to upgrade or wait etc.


Like other mods, there can always be a possibility that this mod may cause terrible things to happen. 
I don't want to cause mass paranoia, but I have heard of Halitosis, Kumquat shortages, or cats and dogs living harmoniously together are a possibility. 
Or corrupted game saves. Please consider yourself forewarned. And dont blame me for.