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A new ballistic-energy hybrid weapon that changes depending on what ammo you load it with. An energy weapon for people that don't like energy weapons. Formlist and lore friendly integration included, also includes Select Fire, changing from Full Auto to Single Fire via a hotkey.

Permissions and credits

After almost three months of work, the XM4 RAW is ready to release. I’m FINALLY happy with the state the mod is in and I’m releasing it now before I find something else to tweak, change or edit about it… This is probably the most detailed weapons I’ve made, it has the largest ‘support structure’ behind it, if you would. There are new sounds, new meshes, new textures, new activators, a new(ish) bunker for you guys to find it in, new scripts that do lots of clever little things, new (well, edited) explosion effects, and of course, one shiny new weapon for you peeps to shoot bad guys with.
The XM4 RAW is a ballistic weapon with an energy kick if you use the right ammo. Version 1.4 adds a select fire feature to allow you to choose between Full Auto and Single Fire modes. The new version is DLC and NVSE + JIP/LN dependent so you'll need to have those to get it to work. I may make a Non-DLC version if there is interest but a Non-NVSE+JIP/LN version is not possible. The other versions are still 'up to date' as the only change made in version 1.4 is the addition of Select Fire.

Here's some videos by commanderxbox and AlChestBreach respectively, featuring the weapon in action, I would like to thank them both for taking the time to review and play with the weapon, thanks guys. 

[**DISCLAIMER** You do NOT have to/aren't supposed to reach through the forcefields to acquire the weapon and its mods as is shown in commanderxbox's video, there is a wall terminal opposite the forcefields that shuts down the fields if you can hack it. Also, Al's video is a perfect example of what the mod looks and acts like when you don't have NVSE and/JIP installed.]

I have included lore for the weapon in the mod, but in case some things are unclear, here’s a rundown. The XM4 RAW is a prototype weapon designed in a Pre-War USAF research facility located in the Mojave dessert desert. Based on designs provided by the researchers that worked on the X277 "Viper" magnetic Rail cannon, and the pre-existing M4 (Assault Carbine in FNV), the XM4 RAW design was completed just days before the bombs went off. BTW, for anyone wondering about the name, my reasoning is thus:

“’X’ – US Military Designation for experimental weapons –‘M4’ – Name of the weapon being experimented on – ‘R.A.W.’ – Rail Assisted Weapon”

The weapon utilises magnetic rails (Or coils, depending on who you ask, lol) to accelerate a Ferromagnetic bullet, fired from a low power casing, down the barrel to extremely high velocities. This allows the weapon to fire low power, quiet, maintenance friendly rounds that have extreme stopping power. Normal bullets are made out of lead, so the magnetic technology has no effect on them, but the XM4 RAW can still fire normal 5.56mm rounds, although they do not perform as well and they damage the weapon more than the specialised ferromagnetic ammo. This made it perfect for the dynamic battlefields of the Resource Wars. Unfortunately, although it had been green lighted for production before the bombs fell, it was never mass produced for the war effort.

Game Mechanics/Integration
So, here’s how it works. If you load up your XM4 RAW with normal 5.56mm ammo, it will fire, sound, and act just like a normal Marksman Carbine, with damage in between the All American and normal Marksman Carbine. The weapon will degrade faster than normal with normal rounds, but it will still perform just fine. When using normal 5.56mm rounds, the weapon’s damage will be governed by the Guns Skill. The fun starts when you load it up with 5.56mm Fe, or Ferromagnetic rounds, which can be found in the bunker with the weapon, along with being craftable at any reloading bench. When loaded with Fe rounds, the magnetic coils will activate, producing a high velocity Gauss-esque round that has a custom projectile and visual effect on impact. The firing sound and muzzle flash effects will also change, and the damage of the weapon will increase. When using Fe rounds, the weapon will also act as if it is silenced with regards to NPC detection level sound. When using Ferromagnetic 5.56mm rounds, the weapon’s damage will be governed by the Energy Weapons Skill.
Fe Rounds can be crafted at a fraction of the cost of normal 5.56mm rounds, only needing 1 Rifle Powder for every 4 a conventional 5.56mm round needs, due to its low velocity. To make the Ferromagnetic material needed for the rounds, simply breakdown some scrap metal.

The recipes for breaking down the scrap metal and producing the Fe rounds can be found in the USAF bunker, along with the weapon and it's mods.
The weapon is integrated into the perk list for the GruntPerk from Honest Hearts, along with all the other relevant form lists for a weapon like this. The location of the USAF bunker is outlined in the Location section below.

As of version 1.4, I have added select fire as an option while you have the weapon equipped. Pressing the 'V' key will change the firing mode of your XM4 RAW, from Full Auto to Single Fire and back again, accompanied by a pretty satisfying *click* noise that confirms that the weapon has changed modes. I have also balanced each firing mode, so neither should be overpowered as long as my maths are right. The DPS figure in the Pipboy may be a bit off every now and then because I don't think it gets along with the way I edit the damage for each firing type, but the weapon does the right damage as far as I can tell. For those of you that don't want to use 'V' as the hotkey, tough titty, cause I have no idea how to add MCM support. You can open up the mod in the G.E.C.K. and edit the script yourself really easily, all you have to do is change the two numbers after the 'IsKeyPressed' function, which shows up in the script twice. The script is applied to the weapon but you can also find it by searching for it by searching 'XM4' in the 'All' tab. Don't forget to open up the G.E.C.K. with NVSE though or it won't compile when you try to save it. If you're having trouble just message me and I'll help if I can. 

The weapon has 3 modifications available to it. They are as follows:

  • ACOG Scope - Increased ADS Zoom
  • Laser Sight - Decreased Spread
  • Extended Mags - Increases Clip Size.

The mods can be found in the pod beside the broken XM4 in the bunker.

The weapon is located in an abandoned Pre-War Military USAF Bunker located near Ranger Station Bravo and the Devil’s Gullet in the North-Eastern Side of the map, there are images in the screenshot section of the mod page. There are enemies inside so do be careful you guys, although to be honest they are pretty glitchy and may or may not all be dead or fighting each other when you go inside. Once you make your way to the room in which the XM4 RAW is located, you will be prompted to use the skills you have acquired through your game to fix the weapon after 200 odd years of neglect. There are three different skill options for repairing the weapon:

  • Repair of 70
  • Guns Skill of 65
  • Energy Weapons Skill of 60

This mod requires NVSE and the JIP/Lutina Plugin to work correctly. If you don’t have NVSE AND the JIP/Lutina Plugin for it installed this mod WILL NOT FUNCTION CORRECTLY. You can still download a non-NVSE/JIP version, but most of the mechanical and audio effects that change when equipping the new Fe ammo will not occur. I myself was once the type of modder that balked at the sight of a mod that required NVSE or JIP because they were big and scary and “Difficult to install”, well I was an idiot then (I still am, I just like NVSE now) and I was very, very wrong. NVSE and JIP are easy as pie to install and once you have them it really opens up your modding experience, so if you don’t already have them go get them! :D If your curious as to why this mod even needs a script extender, in reality its only for four script functions that aren’t available in vanilla. Namely; ‘GetPlayerCurrentAmmo’, ‘SetWeaponSound’, ‘SetWeaponDetectionSoundLevel’, and ‘SetWeaponSkill’. As you can see, these are pretty important functions for the core mechanics of the mod.
I have also made DLC and Non-DLC versions of the mod cause I'm sound like that.The DLC version requires you have Dead Money, Honest Hearts and GunRunners Arsenal installed. The Non-DLC version doesn’t require any DLC, surprisingly. The only changes between the two is integration into relevant perk and form lists, so you’re not missing out if you don’t have any of the DLC :)
I would like to thank weijiesen for giving me permission to use textures and meshes from the Gauss Rifle from his amazing mod, EVE. This mod does not require EVE to work thanks to his generosity.
I would also like to thank Exciter_GB for making the models and textures from his Exciter Guns Mini Pack available for use without his permission, making the M4 body of the weapon a possibility.

Bits & Bobs
When using Fe rounds, the game seems to ignore the damage multiplication done by the ammo type in VATS, meaning that the weapon does a normal amount of damage in VATS only when using that ammo, I may be mistaken as I haven’t had the chance to test this extensively, however.
As I say in all my mod descriptions, please report any bugs or glitches you find to me, either via message or on the mod page, thanks! Don't forget to endorse if you like this or any other mod, it might only take a few seconds of your time but it can mean a lot to the mod authors that make all the amazing content on this website. Show them you appreciate the work they put in!
Feel free to upload your own screenshots to the mod page under the images tab, I enjoy seeing what others can do with the weapons I make :D If you are planning on making a video featuring my weapon I encourage you to do so, and, if you can, let me know if/when you upload it so I can add it to the mod page. If you encounter any obvious bugs while recording I would really appreciate it if you would let me know and give me a chance to fix them before you upload the video. I understand that this is not always possible due to time constraints and whatnot, but if it's at all possible that'd be swell :)

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26/07/2017, V1.3: Removed the overwriting of some vanilla scripts. thanks to Shardoom for pointing this one out.
22/07/2017, V1.2: Fixed the messed up texture paths on the Glass Battery Holder Cover, thanks to Deborah40 and KRSG for pointing this one out, cheers guys (or gals).
16/07/2017, V1.1: Fixed the messed up texture paths on the front ACOG lens