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Sets Jackals, Mantises, Ammo Box, and Aid Boxes in the Nevada Highway Patrol Station to respawn.

Permissions and credits
Background: When the Courier first entered the station, the Jackals were in the process of killing the Mantises and setting up base. Although the Courier eliminated the first group of Jackals, word had already spread to the rest of the gang that the station would be a great place to set up and hit caravans traveling from Primm to the Mojave Outpost, resulting in new members frequently traveling to the station. The Jackals have also decided to make use of the furniture in the station, using it to store ammo, aid supplies, and miscellaneous items they have acquired in their raids.

Nevada Highway Patrol Station (Interior)

- (1) Ammo Box: Respawns.
- (1) Dead Prospector: Gender changed to female.
- (5) Desks Respawn.
- (2) First Aid Kits: Respawn.
- (4) Garbage Cans Respawn.
- (6) Jackal Gang Members: Original 2 respawn. Added 4 additional.
- Note: I did not change any of the loot lists, so the ammo box for example will always contain a small amount of "low level" ammo. This also applies to the garbage cans and filing cabinets. Some of the filing cabinets did not contain a loot list at all, so I did not add one to them. Therefore not every single filing cabinet will spawn loot. Also in testing I found that the garbage cans only spawn loot approximately 20%-25% of the time.

If you enjoy this very basic mod then please let me know, and if you have any issues with it or advice then let me know in the comments and I'll do anything I can to fix it. Thank you!

Change Log:
Update to 1.1
- 2 more Jackals added (up from 4).
- Added NPCs in a "cleaner" manner.
- Giant Mantis Nymphs no longer respawn.
- Set Desks, Filing Cabinets, and Trash Cans to respawn.

Is this mod clean?
Yes! Thanks to another Nexus user educating me on FNVEdit 4.0.1 and the importance of "cleaning" mods. This mod only requires the base game and no other mods or user created content, so the most recent version is 100% bug free!

About the Author: This is my very first new mod that I have created for release on the Nexus. I am still learning and experimenting with the GECK. I created this mod because I have completed most of the game on my current play-through and get tired of not having more NPCs to kill/farm. I decided to experiment with an insignificant interior location regarding getting NPCs and containers to respawn, as well as adding new NPCs. I plan on making similar changes to more areas in the game, such as having the Kings gang members respawn as well.

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