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Sets NPCs at The Prospector's Den to respawn, as well as the containers, and adds a few more Jackals to the exterior and interior.

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Background: During their travels and prospecting for loot, some NCR Prospectors from Primm discovered a nearby cave. Rather than continuing to pay rent at one of the hotels, they built a shelter inside the cave. As one of the prospectors was hiking back to the den after a long day, he failed to notice that he was being followed. A roaming band of Jackal Gang Members had seen the prospector from a distance, and rather than kill him right away, the leader decided they should follow him. Once the Prospector led them to the cave, the lightly armed Prospectors were no match for the Jackals. After clearing out the Prospectors the Jackals would return to their main camp at the Nevada Highway Patrol Station and wait a few days before returning in the hopes that when they return, some new Prospectors had set up shop.

The Prospectors Den

- (4) Exterior: Jackal Gang Members set to respawn. Added 2 by the campfire.
- (4) Cave Interior: Jack Gang Members set to respawn.
- (1) Building Interior: Armor Case respawns.
- (1) Building Interior: First Aid Box respawns.
- (6) Building Interior: Footlockers respawn.
- (2) Building Interior: Garbage cans respawn.
- (1) Building Interior: Gun Case respawns.
- (1) Building Interior: Jackal Gang Boss set to respawn.
- (5) Building Interior: Jackal Gang Members: Original 2 respawn. Added 3 additional.
- (1) Building Interior: Liquor Cabinet respawns.
- (3) Building Interior: NCR Prospectors set to respawn.

Due to both the Prospectors and the Jackals respawning, when the area resets the two sides will battle it out. If you fast-travel to this location, often times there is a leveled Centaur outside the cave entrance as well, making the combat more intense. The little bit of story with this mod ties in with another one of mine: Fennec's Nevada Highway Patrol Station. This mod is not dependent on that one, and both can be used together or separately.

This location was recommended by Hexrowe. If you have any issues with this then let me know and I'll see what I can do to fix it.

Is this mod clean?
Yes! Thanks to another Nexus user educating me on FNVEdit 4.0.1 and the importance of "cleaning" mods. This mod only requires the base game and no other mods or user created content, so the most recent version is 100% bug free!

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