Megaton Hairs - Vegas Edition by zzjay by zzjay
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Megaton Hairs - Vegas Edition by zzjay

This is the NEW VERSION of this mod:
Nouk and Apachii Hairs
Please UNINSTALL and DELETE all files from that mod.

This mod adds several hairstyles to all female races. (49? females 3 are for males too)
it's an hairmod,so ALL rules apply to this one too...won't affect custom races,you can use only a cosmetic\hairmod at a time,add it to your custom race is alot better,blablabla....you know the usualy stuff...so you can use  this thing:

Hair autopatcher

Most of the hairs do not hav egm,to avod weird stretchings add general bad looks,so be careful with forehead shapes,expecially when used with different headmeshes (nuska,or moonshadow)

What face mod are you using?

it's a custom texture you can download here:
and this is the race

How to add Hairs manually

I recommend you to add them in your own beauty mod such as Mikoto or others
How to add hairs to Custom races.If the race is compatible with your beauty mod.In that case open the geck,load ONLY Mikoto.esm,whitout active files,and change the meshes/textures of certain female hairs you don't like to these).
You can also add the hair to custom races by using the geck,and load the race.esp as active,and add new hairs:character>hair>New... or dupliacte on an exising on (set playable,do not set fixed color)
load model (the mesh,the one called nif) and the other is the texture.load the one of the same name.
and then add these hairs into the race FACE DATA.

Also you can check ashara's guide:
and jim_uk's picture tutorial:

REMEMBER THAT YOU CAN ONLY HAVE ONE HAIRMOD AT A TIME! (excluding esms such as lings and mikoto)
hair esp will edit races,and because of this they're uncompatible with every mod that edits races without being an esm.
Nothing bad will happan,simply hairs wont show up.


Stealthic Khaos, Kalilies and Shocky for Ks Hairdos
 Apachii for: Apachii sky hair 
Nightcrawler and Hellosanta for base textures
jim_uk for testing
jokerine for wanda hair

Please check this section for full credit list: